1 August 2005 5 pm edt

Larks’ tongues in ASCII

Are you experienced?
Are you a web developer? Have you helped build database-driven sites using Java and XML? Are you familiar with emerging industry and library standards like RDF, Dublin Core, PHP, and Ruby on Rails? If so, The Digital Library Program of The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library may have a swell job for you.
That new Flash video smell
Newly launched by Brendan Dawes, InspireMe.tv wants to know where creativity comes from:
What inspires artists and designers to do the work they do? ... What lies on the other side of the monitor? InspireMe.tv presents personal insights into creativity, filmed by the artists themselves.
Each video includes a forum, so you can share what you think.
DragThing for Intel-based Macs
If you use a Mac, you should also use TLA Systems’s DragThing. It is still the most wonderful Dock/launcher going, and they don’t pay me to say that.
Some of you may be interested to learn that a public beta of DragThing for Intel-based Macs is now available. (Do not download it unless you have access to the Developer Transition Kit prototype hardware and are interested in helping TLA Systems test their Mac product on Intel.)

Today’s Report was brought to you by Muse: Absolution and Mr Peabody in ASCII.