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The Daily Report

30 June 2003 :::

speshul edishun

I am Carrie and Jeffrey’s future child. I don’t know my name, or when I’ll be born, but my dad figures it’s never too early to start publishing stuff on the web. My mom and dad got married Saturday at The Library Hotel in New York City. From the rooftop garden where they held the event, you can see The New York Public Library, where my mom works. If she hadn’t worked there, they might never have met, and then where would I be?

My mom project managed the wedding. She is proud of those shoes. My mom and dad are happy, and the family members and friends who came to their wedding seemed to have a good time, and I hear the dinner was good, though I’m no judge of solid food.

If my dad had any interest in the web this week, he would probably tell you about Meet the Makers’s conversation with John Witchel, creator of the Browsercam, a service that lets web designers see how their site will look on all major operating systems, screen resolutions, browser brands, and browser versions.

He would also probably tell you about a recent editorial by The Web Standards Project about IE and web standards.

But his mind seems to be elsewhere right now. :::