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Current ALA: Eric Meyer on Print Style Sheets
Current Interview: SitePoint

14 May 2002
[3 pm | 1 pm | 10 am]
On 12 May in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, through a simple, moving ceremony attended by family and friends, Maurice Zeldman and Catherine Vintilla became husband and wife.

There are new desktop images for your pleasure in the Wallpaper department.

Upgrading to Flash Player 6 prevents some sites built with Flash 5 from working on the Macintosh platform. Among sites that fail are Cooperstown Collection and the Turner Classic Movies site built by our good friends at The Chopping Block. Flash Player 6 is not at fault; browser and plugin detection scripts are.
        The Cooperstown site will not work at all in Mac browsers that have Flash Player 6 installed. The Turner site defaults to a “no Flash” (HTML) version that’s attractive and usable. You may even prefer it to the Flash version, though you can only compare the two by downgrading to an earlier version of Flash.
        The Chopping Block’s own site is free of this defect, as are other Flash sites such as TwoPiece, futurefarmers, and Amon Tobin Supermodified, which work just fine in the latest version of Flash.

Think small. As noted earlier in the right-hand affiliates column, the 5k contest is back. A Kilobyte (KB or K) is 1024 bytes of data, and the annual contest seeks full-fledged sites that weigh 5K or less. By way of context, corporate sites frequently exceed 100K per page, and the previously mentioned Cooperstown Collection is over 3MB. One MB is 1024K. You do the math. We’re not sure why contest founder Stewart Butterfield uses a lowercase “k,” but if this year’s contest is anything like the previous two, we expect to see big ideas in small packages.

Speaking of small packages, while out of town we received over 100 unsolicited email messages promising to enhance our, uh, personal appearance. It’s nice to know someone cares. :::

10 May 2002
[2pm | midnight]
In Issue No. 144 of A List Apart, for people who make websites: Going to Print, by Eric Meyer. Say no to “printer-friendly” versions and yes to printer-specific style sheets. CSS expert Eric Meyer shows how to conceive and design print style sheets that automatically format web content for off-screen delivery. Includes tips on hiding inappropriate content, styling text for the printer, and displaying the URL of every link on the page.

Elsewhere, Steve Champeon’s “Why DHTML Will Win” makes the business case for standards-based scripting. The problem is not the technology but public perception. Clients and serious developers remember the bad old days of the 4.0 browsers, with their incompatible Document Object Models. Web users painfully recall broken interfaces cranked out by WYSIWYG-dependent designers.
        The standard DOM supported by Netscape and Microsoft’s latest browsers has nothing to do with the stench left behind by premature, browser-specific “DHTML.” A mature tool that can empower site builders and users alike, the technology formerly known as “DHTML” deserves a new name and a second look.

And with that, we’re off for a family event. See you on Monday. :::

9 May 2002
By popular demand, the Exit Gallery has returned after a brief cleansing. :::

8 May 2002
[noon | 9 am]
Tom Cruise, ’zine publishing tips, and lucky little vessels: SitePoint interviews Mister Zeldman. Interview sparkingly conducted by Jeremy Wright, based on questions submitted by SitePoint readers.


Bookmark this: the House of Style updates its CSS Browser Support grid, detailing which browsers support which parts of the Cascading Style Sheets standard. Separately, some independent designers have begun a CSS bug ring, documenting CSS support flaws in current browsers. Some day it will all just work.

Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands: Hillman Curtis makes a movie, with nods to D.A. Pennebaker and e.e. cummings.

Digital Web presents an interview with Gabe Kean, art director and publisher of Born Magazine. Must be indie web publisher interview day. Gabe is a thoughtful gent, and interviewer Meryl K. Evans asks the right questions.

We’ve updated numerous pages here today. See if you can guess which ones.

So yesterday, we wrote the outline for our next book and prepared Friday’s issue of A List Apart, featuring geek superstar Eric Meyer; then wandered through downtown Manhattan, accompanied by a female angel.
        Today we meet with our publishers and get a pair of nice pants for our Dad’s wedding on Sunday. Nothing fancy. Two legs, pockets, that kind of thing. Tomorrow we dine with our publishers, install two club chairs in the fortress, and attend BD4D, a sort of live Flash Tennis that floats from city to city around the world, recasting web design as a competitive sport.
        Friday we publish the 144th commercial-free issue of A List Apart Magazine, submit to brutal intimacy with a powerful and indifferent stranger (also known as “having an annual medical checkup”), and fly to Pittsburgh for the wedding, accompanied by a female angel.
        We share these fragments to assuage readers who wish we’d update My Glamorous Life more frequently. Heartbreaking entries of breathtaking complexity are coming soon. Just not today. The fierce intermingling of joy and grief that has driven our soul for, oh, some time now, defies quick capture. Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands. :::

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