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Project Amnion
ALA Issue 177

Project Amnion

The Wife and I wish to quietly announce that we are expecting a baby, come September.

Is it a boy or a girl? Yes, one or the other.

Presently we know the baby is healthy and has developed excellent kicking skills.

ALA 177

In Issue 177 of A List Apart, For People Who Make Websites:

The Problem, the Balloon, and the Four Bedroom House

Without a problem, there is no project. Where there is a problem, however, there is a stakeholder who is desperate for a solution and who has a delivery deadline — which is normally sometime yesterday. Find out how a good process can tame even the most unruly project.

Let Them Eat Cake

A growing debate pits accessibility against usability. From our point of view, it’s like pitting peanut butter against jelly. This article helps you create a page that is both usable and accessible, saving readers the trouble of scrolling with a little help from JavaScript and the Document Object Model.


Thanks as always to the magazine’s clever contributing authors, and to managing editor Erin Kissane and managing producer Dan Benjamin for slamming another ALA issue out of the park.

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