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11 February 2004 4 pm est

By popular request

By popular request, links listed in the right column are now archived on their very own page. Visit For Your Pleasure: Remainders of The Daily.

While we were at it, we gave the 404 page a facelift, and modified this site’s user interface as follows: the Daily tab now remains highlighted when you visit sub-pages such as Contact and About.

The Daily tab now stays lit when you visit sub-pages.

It’s a nuance, but one that should help visitors understand the site’s structure. Formerly, no tabs were lit when you visited sub-pages.

The rules that make it all work appear at the very bottom of the style sheet, under the heading, “You are here.”

To help sluggish browsers notice that the CSS has been modified, we saved a copy of the style sheet with a new name (z3.css) and then changed our template to point to that “new” style sheet. (In other words, all site pages now point to z3.css instead of z2.css, even though both files contain identical data.) If you use templates or Server Side Includes to manage your site, this is not a bad trick to remember:

Tip of the Day

Most browsers check to see if a style sheet has changed, but a few do not. Rename your style sheet and change the link or directive that points to it, and every browser will do the right thing.

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