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14 October 1998
We made a bit more progress with Letter from Istanbul, our leisurely travelogue through the cradle of civilization; and wrote a feature on web standards for next month's High5, the web design journal and awards showcase.

13 October 1998
"Welk was born in North Dakota, not Minnesota," declares an outraged reader in today's negligible update to Lawrence Welk, Post-Modernist, a part of the site that's now nearly as old as the champagne music maker was himself. Redesigned the frontspiece for The Web Standards Project. Refreshed Guestbook.

12 October 1998
Released A List Apart Digest 1.105.

11 October 1998
Released A List Apart Digest 1.104, covering "art versus client" and more on the Netscape JavaScript security bug. Refilled Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, refreshed Guestbook. Spent way too long replying to a visitor who asked Dr Web about putting a search engine on his personal site. Alas, his reply-to address was incorrect. GoManGo!, your mail did not get through.

10 October 1998
Your humble web author is interviewing actor Kurt Russel for the Warner Bros Soldier website and our own streaming interview zine, 15 Minutes.
        Les Misc has a brand new harangue: Anti-Black, sartorial sardonicism from guest writer Ted Cohn.
        Refreshed Lawrence Welk guestbook, Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, and the Exit Gallery.

9 October 1998
Released A List Apart Digest 1.103, a special issue on web designer/client relationships.
        Tor Hyams, editor of the appealing webzine Fierce, thinks we are part of a secret web cabal.

8 October 1998
At yesterday's Internet World press conference, The Web Standards Project announced a collaborative effort with The Open Group to develop a rigorous suite of browser tests. These will enable volunteers (hint) to call the bluffs of Netscape and Microsoft when they claim to support standards like Style Sheets. We're also collecting war stories; if the incompatibilities between browsers have messed up your website, tell us, and we'll share your pain with Microsoft and Netscape. Finally, if you're in New York City tonight, you can swing by our little dog and pony show featuring Webmonkey's Jeff Veen,'s Dan Shafer, and WaSP project leader George Olsen of 2-Lane Media.
        Released A List Apart Digest 1.102, a special high-tech issue. Refreshed Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, a special low-brow haiku contest. Alta Vista's Content Portal is making a pleasant fuss over us. More will be revealed.

7 October 1998
We published a little something at Croon, a new site helmed by the prolific Caroline van Oosten de Boer.
        Added a little new content to the famous Ad Graveyard. Refreshed Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest. Updated Sites list, Guestbook, and the Lawrence Welk mailbox.
        Look for an important announcement later today on The Web Standards Project's handy P.R. Page. And if you're going to Fall Internet World, look for me too (see 6 October, below).

6 October 1998
On Wednesday, we'll be announcing yet another new initiative for The Web Standards Project and appearing at a press conference on behalf of the group at Fall Internet World. The press conference takes place from 4pm to 5pm in Room 1A02 of the glamorous Javits Center, 34th Street and 11th Avenue, New York City. Jeff Veen of Webmonkey, Dan Shafer of CNET, and George Olsen of 2 Lane Media will be on hand. Stay tuned for more.

5 October 1998
We're back, and oh what a time we had.
        Released A List Apart Digest 1.101, including info on our dog and pony show at Fall Internet World, NYC.
        Refreshed Icon Help, a quick tips page for those who wish to use our graphics on their desktops. Updated Guestbook, Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, and Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest.
        Reader Eric Brooks informs us that we were quoted in Home Office Computing Magazine, pg. 114, on the dodgy subject of "When Good Sites Go Bad." Visit Eric's fine site,, any time you need a visual pick-me-up.

2 – 4 October 1998
Your humble web author is going on a brief mountain retreat and will return 4 October. If you miss us, you can always watch TV's The Wild, Wild Web, which dedicates a portion of its Saturday broadcast to a touchingly hyped portrait of this Zeldman. The show airs on Saturday, 3 October (New York, WCBS-TV, 2:30 a.m; San Francisco, KPIX-TV, 3:00 p.m.; Los Angeles, KCBS-TV, 2:30 a.m.). The companion website helps you find local listings. There's even a RealVideo excerpt from the show. See you all in a few days.

1 October 1998
The great Photoshop 5 controversy has brought our Furbo Filters to the attention of Macworld magazine. See the letters column in this month's issue.
        Released A List Apart Digest 1.100, a collector's edition featuring readers' tales of how the digest helped improve their web development projects. Refreshed Guestbook.

30 September 1998
Scott Jones is dead. He was my friend. Moment of silence.

29 September 1998
The Web Standards Project was named Supercool Site of the Day by
        Cranking on outside tasks at the moment (both advertising and the web). Simultaneously preparing for Fall Internet World and a brief trip to the mountains. Refreshed the usual: Guestbook, links in Exit Gallery, and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves. If you haven't seen the Halle Berry interview in 15 Minutes, have a gander.
        Discovered two fine sites recently: Jan Van der Ven's interesting personal pages, and Mattias Konradsson's Design Space, a resource for web designers. Both smartly written, both beautifully designed. Liked 'em so much we've just added them to our humble Favorites page. (Both sites have since moved or gone offline.)

28 September 1998
Something new from Point/Lycos's Top 5% in Review of Reviews. More changes at The Web Standards Project.

27 September 1998
There's a spankin' new ad banner in Linker's Delight, the page for people who wish to link to this site. Refreshed Guestbook, links in Exit Gallery, and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, our directory of sites which use this site's free graphics. Updated the List Apart website and The Web Standards Project.

26 September 1998
Ms. Halle Berry graces us with an interview in 15 Minutes, our streaming interview zine.

25 September 1998
Updated About This Website, along with Exit Gallery links and the usual miscellany. Tweaked Other Not Elsewhere, a RealAudio gallery of polyrhythmic solo drumming by the talented member of the family. Performed another massive update of The Web Standards Project. Released A List Apart Digest 1.99.

24 September 1998
We've been graced by over 82,000 visitors since hitting 2,000,000 on 26 August. Thank you, visitors.
        With one thing and another, we've been unable to design a proper front end for our ongoing Letter from Istanbul. So we're slapping a link on the core page for now.
        They never know when to quit: we've received yet another fine haiku submission in Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Updated the Sites section in the About This Site department. Added our latest laurels to the Awards page. (God, we're annoying.) Refreshed Guestbook and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, a directory of third-party sites which use this site's free graphics.

23 September 1998
Our The Ad Graveyard apparently made TV's CNN Headline News again this morning. We love stuff like that.
        We've hooked up with a new sponsor (like you care): none other than Cyberian Outpost, smart seller of software and computers over the web. The Cyberians make their first appearance in Steal These Graphics!, our hodgepodge of (taste) free images for your desktop or website; Ask Dr Web, our site design tutorial; and The Ad Graveyard, our gallery of the noble dead . To celebrate our good fortune, we've ordered another round for Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest.
        Released A List Apart Digest 1.98. Refreshed The Web Standards Project. Speaking of which, if you find yourself in Boston, be sure to stop by The Web Standards Project's "Birds of a Feather" gathering at Miller Freeman's Web '98 conference (6:00 - 7:30 pm, Hynes Convention Center, Room 104). Steven Champeon will be speaking for The WaSP. (See 9/22, below.)

22 September 1998
Anchor, a community space for web developers, is running a nifty Web '98 interview today, featuring George Olsen, Steven Champeon, and your humble web author. Our topic? The Web Standards Project.
        Speaking of which, the updates mentioned yesterday are finished at last. They include our special "I Want My NGLayout!" promotion, and a long-delayed WaSP F.A.Q. It all awaits you at The Web Standards Project.
        With the WaSP updates and the interview behind us, we hope to put out another edition of A List Apart today, and get back into our emerging Letter from Istanbul.

21 September 1998
It's Rosh Hashonna. Happy New Year! Our frenzied update of The Web Standards Project continues apace. Back at the ranch, we refreshed Mr Jenkins's Last Martini and the Guestbook. More to come.

19-20 September 1998
Our Steal These Graphics! has been listed at as a four star site at The ABC's of Parenting, "devoted to providing websurfers with reviews and ratings of the absolute best websites of interest to families and parents-to-be." We didn't say it; they said it. Duly noted on the Awards page.
        We're spending the weekend updating The Web Standards Project, and hope to do more on Letter from Istanbul as well. Meanwhile, there are changes in Mac Daddy's Desktop Pictures collection, and Disturbing Patterns has a new sponsor (like you care). Added nifty top toolbar to Icon Help, Mac Daddy, OS 8 Blues, Mac Web Tools and the Pardon My Icons collection. Refreshed Guestbook.

18 September 1998
Excuse our lateness. We're trying to update The Web Standards Project in time for Web98. Released A List Apart Digest 1.97.

17 September 1998
It looks like there won't be more on the new Letter from Istanbul before the weekend. (Sigh.) Pressing business matters ...
        Released A List Apart Digest 1.96 (misnumbered collector's edition), refreshed Guestbook (some mighty nice letters) updated The Web Standards Project. More to come.

16 September 1998
Released A List Apart Digest 1.94. (There are now close to 3,000 subscribers.) Updated The Web Standards Project.

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