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31 August 1997
Uploaded the latest visitor haiku to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini and revised that section of the site for faster loading and clearer navigation.

30 August 1997
Today marks America's Labor Day weekend, honoring those who work. In that spirit, your humble author updated the Mac Web Tools page and the Guestbook. Refreshed and clarified layout in Pardon My Icons. Wrote and designed a new contest for sister site at the-adstore.com. (Not uploaded due to configuration problems. Watch this space.)

29 August 1997
Revised the browser compatibility sections of Dr Web's HTML For Smarties, a collection of website building tips and tricks. Refreshed Mac OS 8 Blues and OS 8 Reader Feedback pages. Updated Guestbook.

28 August 1997
Added latest reader haiku to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Updated Mac OS 8 Feedback page, Guestbook, and Steal These Graphics!

27 August 1997
Finished extensive updating of Ask Dr Web About Multimedia. Revised contents on core page and info on help page. Made tiny obsessive adjustments you'll never notice to Dr Web's navigation bar and other elements of the site. Began archiving previous daily reports.

26 August 1997
Updated Dr Web's Graphics Clinic. Adjusted layout and links in Web Tools and Exit Gallery. Posted visitor mail to Guestbook, Last note: Yesterday's Netsurfer Digest heaped praise on The Advertising Graveyard and Mr Jenkins's Last Martini; duly noted in today's Review of Reviews.

25 August 1997
Added Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts interviews to Celeb Salon, a quicktime gallery of my talks with movie stars. Tweaked the site's RealAudio pages: Drums, Solo, rare drum performances by polyrhythm master Pete Zeldman; and Aural Pleasure, studio recordings by your humble web author. More news: This site's icons have been turned into avatars on a brand new chat server for artists. Read about it in Steal These Graphics!, also updated today.

24 August 1997
Added proper credit to the Adult Page. Freshened A Fable for Our Times, the Lawrence Welk Mailbox, the Guestbook, and Steal These Graphics!

23 August 1997
Light day. Added new animation and streaming audio sites in Exit Gallery. Updated Lawrence Welk Mailbox, Guestbook, and Steal These Graphics!

22 August 1997
Continued updating the many sections of Ask Dr Web, focusing on Dr Web's Most Asked Questions and the venerable Tips & Tricks. Tweaked layouts in the Advertising Graveyard. Added new visitor haiku to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Updated Guestbook. Adjusted right rag in Mac OS 8 Blues, using manual <WBR> tag. (Can your WYSIWYG web editor do this?) Alas, these improvements do not show up in the otherwise mighty Internet Explorer. Updated layout in Bat Outta HTML, the history of the Batman Forever website.

21 August 1997
Updated and tweaked much of Ask Dr. Web, the little tutorial that helps every web author and site designer be their best. Particular attention was paid to the sections on style sheets, content, and the Flintstonian index. More to come later today.

20 August 1997
Corrected errors on the Icon Help page. Updated Guestbook. Debugged and streamlined Review of Reviews. Made slight design adjustments to At 17, a short story written long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. Added linked licensing banner to Mac Daddy Macintosh freeware page.

19 August 1997
Added 10 new icons to the Pardon My Icons collection. Tweaked the Mac Daddy Macintosh freeware page. Updated Guestbook and Lawrence Welk Mailbox. Debugged the famous Exit Gallery.

18 August 1997
Updated Celeb Salon, Exit Gallery, Awards Page and Guestbook.

17 August 1997
Added informational annotations to Lawrence Welk, Postmodernist and made minor edits to Welk Mailbox per visitor request. Updated Guestbook.

16 August 1997
A day of tweaks. The altered and updated include: Lawrence Welk, Postmodernist and its accompanying Welk Mailbox; steady Mac Daddy, a Mac OS freeware free-for-all of icons, patterns, utilities and more; Web Tools, a lightly annoted collection for all platforms; the Mac OS 8 Blues Response Page; and the inevitable Guestbook, including the first response to the new (8-15) Mac Web Tools page, which was also updated. Whew! Adjusted counter on many pages to accommodate new seven-digit status.

15 August 1997
VJ Day Anniversary Special. Dr Web has a brand new (operating) bag, and it's strictly for Mac OS users. See the spankin' new Mac Web Tools page. Also updated today: Dr Web's HTML for Smarties, and Dr Web's Graphics Clinic. Windows users, console yourselves with the 12 August icon extravaganza.

14 August 1997
Began a new Web Tools page especially for Mac-based site designers. Expect to finish and post it tomorrow. Revised core page's alternate color schemes. To cycle through schemes, click "change colors" button on core page. Updated Mac OS 8 Blues Response Page and Guestbook. Tomorrow is the last day for Guestbook 33.

13 August 1997
Mac users, and especially Mac OS-based web authors, have I got a goody for you. It's called Kill All Caches, it's free, and it premieres today on the Mac Daddy page. (That should get me off the hook for yesterday's Windows freebie.) Also today: The Advertising Graveyard was named to the August 1997 Blonde Ambition Hit List. (I swear I don't try to win these things.) Updated Review of Reviews, Awards Page, and Guestbook.

12 August 1997
Okay, Windows users, today you'll find an updated .DLL in Pardon My Icons, courtesy of the Late Reverend Nature Boy. (You may need to control-click or alt-click the file to download it properly.) For tips on how to use it, see the newly updated Icon Help page. Sideways note: the Adstore's site, designed by yours truly, will be moving to a new server this week. So you may have trouble connecting and/or parts of the site may be broken. Trust the process; all will soon be well again.

11 August 1997
Updated Mac OS8 Blues, Steal These Graphics! and Guestbook.

10 August 1997
Added extensive interview with Samuel L. Jackson to Celeb Salon. Available in quicktime and AVI formats. Added 30 new icons to the award-winning Pardon My Icons collection. Updated Steal These Graphics! and Guestbook.

9 August 1997
Updated Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, Mac OS8 Blues Response page, and Guestbook. Dr Web added an HTML-editing tip for PCs to "HTML for Smarties," and replied to several visiting site designers with enquiring minds.

8 August 1997
Designed title for Testament, a new area of the site which will premiere in a few weeks. More to come.

7 August 1997
Spent the Dracula hours tinkering with the design of The Ad Store. Added new haiku to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, midnight entries to Guestbook. More to come later in the day.

6 August 1997
Server seems to be resuming normal speed. You forget how many KB are packed into even minimal pages until there's a slowdown. This site is housed on a commercial server so that no one ever has to wait. Updates: New visitor haiku in Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Two ego-boosting suggestions in today's Guestbook.

5 August 1997
Server seems painfully slow today. Heavy traffic? Site is approaching one million page views since counter was updated in mid-'96. Laid www.washingtonpost.com campaign to rest in the Advertising Graveyard. Responded to visitor queries about icon editing programs, HTML tricks, etc. Inevitably, updated Guestbook. Too busy adding RealAudio pages to The Ad Store to get much more done here today.

4 August 1997
Back in the saddle after a weekend in the mountains. Mac OS8 Blues continues to generate useful Reader Comments. Began testing a new method for displaying advertiser content. Updated Guestbook and Steal These Graphics!

Note: This site will not be updated on Saturday 2 August or Sunday 3 August 1997. At the urging of Joan and others, I'm actually taking a weekend off.

1 August 1997
Finished three-day Time Warner shoot. Some of these materials will end up in Fish Wrap & Fridge Breaks. Began planning extensive new section of site, tentatively titled Testament. Added today's visitor haikus to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Updated Guestbook and Steal These Graphics! Today this site won the Ikthus Webulous Groovium Award for Excellence in Mac Pixellation. No, I'm not making this up, and no, I no longer submit this site for Awards. Like creditors, they seem to find me.

31 July 1997
Another 14-hour shooting day (see 30 July). This site won Webscouts' "Way Cool Sites" award; duly noted on Awards page. New reader feedback on the Mac OS8 Blues Response page. Updated Review of Reviews, and, inevitably, the Guestbook. New visitor haikus added to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini.

30 July 1997
Spent another long day filming in Paris Studios, NY. Flames and fan mail have begun arriving re: the Mac OS8 Blues page of 28 July. You'll find them on the new Reader Response page. Fixed broken link in Steal These Graphics! Updated Mr Jenkins's Last Martini and the Guestbook.

29 July 1997
Another day of small changes. Refreshed Visitor Mailbox in Lawrence Welk, Postmodernist. Tweaked Obligatory Swell Links page in Exit Gallery. Updated Guestbook. After carping about it in these pages, installed OS8. Over the next three days, I'll be on a TV shoot, so changes to this site should be light. (Though you never know.)

28 July 1997
Received feedback five hours after posting Mac OS8 Blues and began a new Reader Response page. Updated Guestbook. More to come.

27 July 1997
New Opinion piece, Mac OS8 Blues, added to Mac Daddy. Updated Guestbook and Mr Jenkins's Last Martini.

26 July 1997
Updated links in Exit Gallery; updated Guestbook and Steal These Graphics! Began work on a new section of Mac Daddy, to be finished and uploaded shortly.

25 July 1997
Updated Help page, streamlined layout of Dr Web's pages, updated Guestbook.

24 July 1997
New entries in Mr Jenkins's Last Martini include one epic and three little gems. Updated Dr Web's Graphics Clinic, the Web Tools page, and the ever-overflowing Guestbook.

23 July 1997
Mr Jenkins's Last Martini named Dynamite Site of the Nite. Duly noted on Awards Page. Added publicity info to Dr Web's tips On Content. Updated Guestbook. Added visitor submission to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini.

22 July 1997
Few changes today due to minor illness. Updated Guestbook. Adam Sherk of newsbureau.com distributed press release on zeldman.com.

21 July 1997
Added groovy new feature: Search This Site. Updated Review of Reviews and Guestbook. Finally added How the Spammers Stole Christmas to table of contents on core page. Crunchlogs show a few folks continuing to abuse this server by linking to images here. Friendly email messages ineffective.

20 July 1997
Interviewed the great Samuel L. Jackson. Quicktime, when edited, will be posted in Celeb Salon in near future. Updated Guestbook and Exit Gallery.

19 July 1997
Updated Dr Web's Graphics Clinic. Added reader submission to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Removed the 17 July animated ad banner for this site's newest sponsor, replacing it with a new concept and new design. Updated Guestbook.

18 July 1997
Changed content approach of this "What's New" page, from weekly hype to daily update. Designed new backgrounds for Disturbing Patterns, uploaded them, redesigned opening pages, then remapped that entire portion of the site. Updated Guestbook and Exit Gallery.

17 July 1997
Added new submission to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Updated Guestbook. Attended press screening of 187 to prepare for Samuel Jackson interview. Designed and installed animated banner for new site sponsor.

16 July 1997
Added Quicktime interview with Jodie Foster to Celeb Salon and updated page. Designed new floral backgrounds for Disturbing Patterns, uploaded them and redesigned front end of that section. Updated Guestbook and Steal These Graphics.

15 July 1997
Reviewed visitor's sites. Updated links in Exit Gallery. Adjusted selected page layouts. Added new submission to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Updated Guestbook.




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