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Crash commercialism

Crash commercialism

Rejected print ad, 1999. Client: German National Undertakers Association. Agency: Freelance. Art Directors: Marion Schimmelpfennig & Dusan Senkerik. Writer: Schimmelpfennig. Cause of death: See below. MORE »

What the hell does it mean?

Depends on who you believe. Below are three of the five thousand, two hundred, eighty-six slightly different translations we've received:

[He] who races, is faster our customer. - Constance Bradley.

Those who race will be our customers soon. (Literally: Who races, our customer is faster.) - Catherin R. Kino

The faster you drive, the faster you are our customer. - Schimmelpfennig

Who races, is faster our customer. - Paul Zaremba

Thanks for clearing that up.

Cause of death

Schimmelpfennig: "It was a layout only and never went into pre-press. The headline says something like 'Drive mad/fast and we'll see you soon.' The subhead expresses the Association's wish that people should drive safely." But wouldn't that be bad for business?

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