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So good it hurts.

Rejected Print ad, 1997. Writer/Designer: Clayton, T. Claymore, CD. Client: Undisclosed plastic surgery clinic. Agency: Kranzler Kingsley AMP. Cause of death: See below MORE »

Killed by: The gray area between the AE, client and newspaper
Rationale: You can't say "nipple" in the newspaper. Claymore speaking:

"The client wanted to get the point across that they did more than the stereotypical boob jobs and liposuction. They were extremely handy at correcting 'nature's little mistakes,' so I decided to kick start our region's awareness by featuring a moderately common genetic mutation. Guess not. All in all, you could say that my idea was nipped in the bud.

"Luckily, I had a number of back-up contingency plans that they liked featuring nekkid women, boob jobs and liposuction."

It's good to hear that tastefulness and originality prevail.

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