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Pass, Fail

It's brilliant! It's perfect! We can't run it.

Rejected Print ad, 1999. Art Director/Project Manager: David Gilbert. Copywriter/Designer: Brad LaFoy. Agency: Outcrop Communications. Client: Arctic College Teacher Education program; Goverment of the Northwest Territories Dept. of Education, Culture & Employment. Cause of death: see below. MORE »

It's brilliant! It's perfect! We can't run it.

LaFoy speaking: "The Arctic College Teacher Education program has been trying to recruit more students into the program straight out of high school. Advertising had been attempted before, but it was always very dry, missed the audience completely, and utterly failed. [Our campaign] spoke the language of the audience while presenting some of the great things about being a teacher.

"The client loved the idea, and promptly panicked when they saw the outcome. Their exact words: 'That's perfect! It's hilarious! But we can't actually SAY something like that.'"

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