That’s Me All Over

BY SOME FLUKE I appear in two internet radio broadcasts this week:

The Gently Mad Podcast: Jeffrey Zeldman

“Jeffrey Zeldman is an author, designer and founder of Happy Cog. He talked with Adam about the state of the web industry, how it has changed over the years and how raising a daughter has impacted his outlook on who he is and what he does.” I loved this conversation with Adam.

Why Designers need to Craft Words Not Pixels

“Design is a point of view.” In this 53-minute internet audio conversation, William Channer and I discuss how words and stories frame web experience; how I approach writing for the web; how good copy teases interest; and why making your content the focus, and removing distractions, engages readers and improves web experience.

By L. Jeffrey Zeldman

“King of Web Standards”—Bloomberg Businessweek.

Author, Designer, Founder. Employer Brand at Automattic, Inc. Publisher, A List Apart & A Book Apart. Ava’s dad. Pete’s brother forever. He/him.

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