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Big Web Show 83: Scott Jehl of Filament Group

SCOTT JEHL of jQuery and Filament Group fame is my guest in today’s Big Web Show podcast.

We discuss Scott’s latest thinking about “responsible responsive design,” whether responsive design is destroying creativity on the web, working with CSS flexbox, what’s new with the jQuery Mobile project, why people fear JavaScript and love jQuery, the size and management of Filament Group’s multi-device test suite, the secret history of the jQuery logo, and much more.

Enjoy the show.

[And for more Scott Jehl design and development wisdom and wizardry, please enjoy today’s Full-Length Friday Web Design Video at An Event Apart. Scott Jehl: Interacting Responsibly (and Responsively!) is a brilliant 60-minute exploration on how to improve the responsiveness (if you will) of responsive web design.]

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About Scott Jehl

Scott is a web designer and developer at Filament Group, a smart studio that creates sites and applications for a range of clients and commonly contributes ideas and code to the open source community. He co-authored Designing with Progressive Enhancement, has written for A List Apart, and 24 Ways, and speaks at conferences including An Event Apart, Breaking Dev, and Mobilism.

Scott is also a jQuery team member, most recently leading the development of the jQuery Mobile project. Follow him on Twitter at @scottjehl and on Github at scottjehl.

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