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Serial entrepreneur Dan Benjamin on Episode 70 of The Big Web Show

DAN BENJAMIN is my guest on Episode No. 70 of The Big Web Show, the weekly podcast on “everything web that matters.”

Dan is a broadcaster, screencaster, writer, software developer, designer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of 5by5 Studios, an internet broadcasting network where he hosts a handful of shows with people like John Gruber, Merlin Mann, and me. Dan is the author of Hivelogic and has written for A List Apart and O’Reilly.

For almost two decades, Dan has created publishing tools including those which have powered A List Apart and 5by5. He devised the Email Address Enkoder, co-founded Cork’d, and founded Playgrounder. The latter two have since been acquired by Gary Vaynerchuk and Uncrate, respectively.

Listen to Episode No. 70 of The Big Web Show, featuring Dan Benjamin.

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