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’Tis a gift to be SimpleBits

Dan Cederholm of, Dribbble, Cork'd, and much more.

Dan Cederholm is our guest on The Big Web Show, taped live before an internet audience at 1:00 PM ET today, 7 October 2010, on the 5by5 network at

An world-renowned web designer, author, and speaker and a giant in the field of CSS-based design, Dan is co-founder and designer of Dribbble, a vibrant design community for sharing screenshots of your work. He also co-founded Cork’d, the first social network for wine aficionados, with my Big Web Show co-host Dan Benjamin. (Cork’d was later acquired by Gary Vaynerchuk.)

Dan is the founding principal of SimpleBits, a tiny creative studio (“We make websites and products”) based in Salem, Massachusetts, where he has worked with Google, MTV,, AIGA, ESPN, Blogger, Fast Company,, and others, and has been a consulting associate of Happy Cog.

He is the author of three popular books: Handcrafted CSS (New Riders), Bulletproof Web Design (New Riders) and Web Standards Solutions (Friends of ED). Currently Dan is finishing CSS3 For Web Designers, the second book from A Book Apart, coming soon to

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By Jeffrey Zeldman

“King of Web Standards”—Bloomberg Businessweek.

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