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With over 2,000 proposed panels from which a mere 300 will be culled, there’s no shortage of content for next year’s SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. Panels featuring Happy Cog personnel include the juicy candidates listed below. Follow the links to vote for your favorites. (Voting for a panel increases the likelihood that it may actually get presented.)

Web Fonts: The Time Has Come
After fifteen years of contenting ourselves with system fonts, or image type, the planets are now in line for getting real fonts on the web. Some solutions are already working, and a cross-platform standard is emerging. Here web designer and type designers mix it up on how the font hurdles is finally being leapt. Moderator: Roger Black. Panelists: Font Bureau’s David Berlow, Stephen Coles (, Bert Bos (CSS), Happy Cog’s Jeffrey Zeldman.
We F*cked Up. Now what? Exploring Failure, Together.
Projects fall apart. We often blame the client, the politics and the personalities. But when it happens, there is a tremendous opportunity to grow as a professional and as a person. Candidly recounting past catastrophes, the panelists explore the emotional experience of project implosion and the silver lining that emerges. Moderator: Happy Cog’s Kevin Hoffman. With Greg Hoy, President of Happy Cog East, Greg Storey, President of Happy Cog West, and Tracey Halvorsen, Principal & Creative Director of FastSpot.
New Publishing and Web Content
What is content strategy? How can publishers harness the energy and talent of the online community? Explore the creative, strategic, and marketing challenges of traditional and new publishing. Moderator: Happy Cog’s Jeffrey Zeldman. Panel: book and new media publisher and entrepreneur Lisa Holton; designer, writer, and W.W. Norton creative director Mandy Brown; novelist, web geek, and Harper’s editor Paul Ford; and writer, editor, and Happy Cog content strategist Erin Kissane.
ExpressionEngine 2.0: Total Domination!
ExpressionEngine is growing in popularity and with the release of 2.0, it’s power has expanded to the stratosphere. Powering great websites such as, A List Apart, and Campaign Monitor, it represents an amazing way to build websites and publish content. Join us as 5 experts give best practices from a beginner front-end level up to extension developer supreme. Moderator: Kenny Meyers, Happy Magic Fun Time. Panelists: Happy Cog’s Brian Warren, Happy Cog’s Ryan Irelan, Happy Cog’s Mark Huot and Happy Cog’s Jenn Lukas.
Client Whisperers: Understanding Clients and Selling Web Design
Is there a formula for success? Is there such a thing as a good client? How can you avoid problem clients? Gain insight from the people on the front lines of some of the best known web shops. Learn from their stories the best way to find, manage and love great clients. Moderator: Happy Cog’s Robert Jolly. Carl Smith, President of nGen Works (co-presenter)
Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Weight
As we become increasingly connected and our lifestyles trend toward the sedentary, our waistlines are growing. Fitness is elusive. Hear from your colleagues about their trials and tribulations around maintaining health while balancing creative work, family, and career development. Moderator: Happy Cog’s Robert Jolly.

By Jeffrey Zeldman

“King of Web Standards”—Bloomberg Businessweek.

Designer at Automattic, Inc. Co-Founder, An Event Apart. Publisher, A List Apart & A Book Apart. Author. Father. He/him.

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