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Good morning. Twitter, Facebook, iLike, and Word have imploded. M’mm, that’s good coffee!

Good morning. Twitter, Facebook, iLike, and Word have imploded. After going offline for improvements, Twitter shows my previous custom background instead of my current choice. Random user preference rollbacks aside, at least Twitter still works. In fact it seems peppier.

Meantime, iLike in Facebook no longer shows live playlists now that iLike has officially made it possible to merge the two accounts. Playlists worked in Facebook before the announcement. (Before, iLike’s FAQ said it was impossible to merge the two accounts; but it was possible and worked well. Then iLike announced that you could at last merge the two accounts, and a nervous engineer apparently changed a setting, breaking the linkage.)

Not to be outdone by upstart web apps, Microsoft Word quits when I edit a document, and none of the standard fixes help. Word has not been updated for the Macintosh for years, of course, and it runs in emulation on Intel Macs, but I am used to that. Updating the Normal template was the last thing I did before Word started eating its own head.

Mmm, that’s good coffee.

It goes without saying that I’m editing documents of some importance.

If I open the documents in Pages, Pages posts a “Can’t find spell checker” error box. When I close the error box, Pages posts it again. When I close it again, Pages opens it again. This loop continues beyond Armageddon.

If I edit the documents in TextEdit, I can’t format them correctly, and Word’s non-standard hyperlink formatting turns nightmarish.

Third sip of coffee. Just another day at the office.

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By L. Jeffrey Zeldman

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