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Praise the Lord and Pass the Pliers

A List Apart 231 is strictly for tools.

A List Apart 231 is strictly for tools. Unusual tools. Tools so wrong, they’re right.

So you need to prototype a sophisticated web application, all whizzing pathways and flipping form fields. So you need complex software, right? Not necessarily. In Paper Prototyping, Shawn Medero shows how to do sophisticated interface development thinking with our old friends, Mr Paper and Dr Scissors.

From child’s tools to what the pros use, our “so wrong, they’re right” tool theme continues in Casper Voogt’s unexpected Quick CSS Mockups With Photoshop. Yes, you read that right, and no, we’re not advocating a return to table-based layouts or absolute positioning.

The greatest web magazine team in the world produced this issue of A List Apart. Special hat tip to editor Erin Kissane (aka Girl Erin), acquisitions editor Krista Stevens, production manager Erin Lynch (aka Boy Erin), and technical editors extraordinaire Aaron Gustafson, Ethan Marcotte (studio, bio), and Andrew Kirkpatrick. ALA illustrator Kevin Cornell brought this week’s articles to life with a visual language that straddles brilliance and madness, and art director Jason Santa Maria supervised all visual details and contributed the issue’s color scheme.

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By L. Jeffrey Zeldman

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