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Design Relief: Katrina Corps

Swing a hammer or click a mouse.

The Katrina Corps is a grassroots effort to accelerate the return of Katrina-affected families to their homes. Its initial goal is to send 25,000 college students to New Orleans over spring break as house-gutting volunteers. The prospectus (PDF) explains:

At the current rate of volunteers, the workforce on which rebuilding rests, it will take years to gut the 10,000 currently wait-listed homes in New Orleans. Gutting is the critical first step towards rebuilding.

Displaced families want to come back to their homes. Each wait-listed home represents a family that longs to return, and needs to return.

Beckon a generation to demonstrate that “IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING” while experiencing hands-on citizenship by taking on the Katrina Challenge and contributing to the rebuilding of New Orleans—a place of extreme reality, extreme challenge, and extreme opportunity.

In addition to hands-on help, the fledgling organization also needs web design help. And they need it fast.

They’re not looking for a six-month build with three months of testing. They don’t need fancy design or flashy features. They just need a good, simple website.

If your skills are up to snuff and you’d like to help, holler.

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By L. Jeffrey Zeldman

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