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IE7 Bugs and Fixes, Part I

Holly hackery.

Reader Adam Engelsgjerd writes:

I develop and maintain websites for the University of Arizona Library. We make use of the “Holly Hack” to avoid the IE6 peek-a-boo bug for our intranet site (God bless Holly). In the course of testing our sites against IE7 I noticed that the bug was rearing its head again‚ despite claims that this latest version has fixed it.

Further investigation revealed that while IE7 really does seem to have fixed this peek-a-boo bug the Holly Hack has, with decidedly sardonic irony, reintroduced the very problem it was created to circumvent.

This morning I tested and just implemented a fix that seems to work for us: the removal of the universal selector, “*‚” before the “html” selector. So the traditional Holly Hack is:

/* Hides from IE5-mac \*/
* html #contentWrapper {height: 1%;}
/* End hide from IE5-mac */

Our new code is now:

/* Hides from IE5-mac \*/
html #contentWrapper {height: 1%;}
/* End hide from IE5-mac */

I’ve tested this against the following browsers on Windows XP SP2:

IE6 (SP1 standalone install from and SP2 full install)
IE5.5 (standalone install from
Netscape 7.2 and 8.1
Opera 7.11 and 8.54 and 9.00
Firefox 2.0

And on Windows 2000 SP4:


Hopefully this can be of some use should others be running into this same problem.

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By L. Jeffrey Zeldman

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