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15 MINUTES is an interview magazine for the web. Featuring actors, writers, and directors from the world of film. And the designers, writers, and producers who are making the web a more interesting place. Choose:
          Celeb Salon for movie stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and Jodie Foster.
          Web Celeb for the creators of your favorite websites.

You'll need the free RealPlayer to watch the streaming celebrity videos.

Recent Minutes
        30 December 1999 S.M. Moalie, web artist, creator of
        14 September 1999 Michael Green Schmidt, force of nature, creator of Virus One, and co-host of
        13 September 1999 Checking in with Dirk Uhlenbrock, creator of Eyesaw Fonts.
        10 March 1999 We chat with Chan, creator of and award-winning corporate sites.
        7 March 1999 With Roberto Benigni and all the world, we mourn the passing of Stanley Kubrick, the film genius who gave us Paths of Glory, Lolita, Spartacus, Dr Strangelove, 2001, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining. "Mr Kubrick," we hear Hitch saying, "you're not wearing a tie."
        22 December 1998 We hang out with master builder Derek Powazek in Web Celeb.
        19 November We interview actor extraordinaire Dustin Hoffman in Celeb Salon.
        15 November Tiffany Shlain, mistress of the Webby Awards, gives us fifteen minutes of her time in Web Celeb.
        30 October Kurt Russell spends ten minutes talking up the merits of action flicks in Celeb Salon.
        26 September: Halle Berry graces us with a few minutes of her time in Celeb Salon.
        17 August: Deconstructing Owen Thomas, creator of In Web Celeb.
        4 August: We talk with Leslie Harpold, publisher of, in Web Celeb.
        29 July: We restream our brief interview with Helen Hunt in Celeb Salon.
        17 July: He talks anarchy, he talks e-commerce. Chiefly, he talks. Web Celeb spends 15 Minutes with Srini Kumar of
        16 July: We catch up with Lance (Glassdog) Arthur in Web Celeb.
        15 July: Now serving an extended RealAudio interview with Samuel L. Jackson in Celeb Salon.
          10 July '98: Taped Samuel L. Jackson for Celeb Salon.
          8 July '98: Interviewed Glenn Davis in Web Celeb.
          3 July '98: Interviewed Halcyon Styn in Web Celeb.
          28 June'98: Interviewed Alexis Massie in Web Celeb.

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