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20 October 1999
After a 24-hour blackout, A List Apart is back online, thanks mainly to the efforts of Project Cool tech god Michael Sweeney. Thank you, Mr Sweeney. The site is still a bit slow, but we'll be upgrading servers soon.
        Speaking of ALA, we've confirmed the Netscape display bug first mentioned in this week's lead article: the presence of a standard CSS <SPAN> tag causes Navigator 4.6 and higher to crash in Windows 98 and NT.
        Dr Web's newly updated CSS section contained a <SPAN> and consequently crashed some readers' browsers; their complaints enabled us to track down and remove the troublesome tag. We're corresponding with friends at Netscape in hopes they can soon fix this bug (or tell us what we're doing wrong).

19 October 1999
Around 4 p.m. EST, the server housing A List Apart stopped working. Our colleagues in Palo Alto are investigating.
        Updated the seemingly endless song cycle of Mr Jenkins's Last Martini. Refreshed the Guestbook and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, a directory of sites which use our free Web graphics.

17-18 October, 1999
Our site-wide redesign continues. Today's revamped area: Ask Dr Web, our modest tutorial for people who make Web sites. We've also updated the text, and expanded the humble book store.

16 October, 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart Magazine, for people who make websites:
        STONE AGE WEB: Q. What's the difference between Web designers and the Flintstones? A. Not much, it seems. We build the Web with Stone Age tools, and marvel that it sometimes works. Gripes, tips, and suggestions for surviving in a primitive medium riddled with incompatibilities.

15 October, 1999
Today's contribution to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini transcends the cheap irony of our cheesy alcoholic haiku contest and attains the rarified eminence of true art. Well, kind of.
       What would Mr Whipple make of this? There's a tasteful new ad in our Ad Graveyard. Wash your hands after reading.
        Geek alert: A browser glitch in our Fun House has been corrected. (Seems that Navigator 4.08 for Windows 98/NT crashes when it encounters a harmless W3 standard <SPAN> tag inside a harmless W3 standard <P> tag.) We "fixed" the page by dumbing down the code. Sigh.

14 October, 1999
Jan Van der Ven's newly launched Worldwall, a collection of free desktop wallpaper from around the world, has already won a Best of the Cool Award from Coolstop.com, and a three-star (highest) rating from Infoseek/Go Network. We've contributed to the collection; have you sent in  your design yet?

13 October, 1999
Redesign '99 presses on, one page at a time. Today it's the Fun House, home of entertainments old and new.

12 October, 1999
Our site-wide redesign continues today, most obviously in the Guestbook. And, once again, Mr Jenkins raises his weary head from the bar.

11 October, 1999
The ongoing site redesign continues today, notably in the Icon Help and Desktop Pictures sections of Steal These Graphics. (Other Steal These Graphics zones have been partially updated; more to come.)

10 October, 1999
Yippee! Finally redesigned Steal These Graphics and the Pardon My Icons collection. Basically, we're updating the entire site as time permits. Note the nifty new orange menubar above. Can your heart stand it?

9 October, 1999
Our free graphics show up on all kinds of personal and commercial homepages. One of the most unusual is this Simplified Blackjack game. (You have to play the game to see the icons.) Thanks to Iconfactory's Craig Hockenberry to showing us this interesting corner of the Web.

8 October, 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart Magazine, for people who make websites:
        WHOSE WEB IS IT ANYWAY? Thanks to portal politics, your site is probably invisible to consumers. It's time to fight back. We modestly offer a two-pronged plan to help small businesses, publishers, designers, and citizens reclaim the Web. Plus:
        OUTSIDE READING No. 14: Superb design and useful resources are scattered throughout the Web. This week: dazzling Flash, a commercial site that doesn't talk down, and a spiritually uplifting design firm. Plus search engines, style sheet validators, and the socially conscious site of a mom on welfare.

6 October, 1999
We're no longer in Logo Hell.
       We're in Development Hell.
       Refreshed the martini of Mr Jenkins, fluffed the guest pillows.

5 October, 1999
We're in Logo Hell. 'Nuff said. (Did some more updating at The Web Standards Project, so the day was not a total loss.)

4 October, 1999
Web Design '99 attendees, the links from our keynote speech are available in the (no-longer) secret Denver folder. Refreshed the usual pages here, refurbished Les Misc, threw another log on the eternal flame known as Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, and updated some minor items at The Web Standards Project.

2 October, 1999
Web Design '99 was a blast! Oh, the stories we could tell, if this was that kind of site. Instead, we're plowing through viewer mail.
        Poor devils with nothing better to do keep submitting new entries to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the Web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest – and we, having nothing better to do, keep publishing them.
        Chalk up another loss on the increasingly commercial Web; the venerable filez.com graphics search engine is no more. We've updated Dr Web's Graphics Clinic accordingly. Someday we'll find time to rewrite and redesign the clinic. (For the latest and most relevant dope on Web design, content and code, we encourage you to read and join A List Apart .)
        We're off again, for a last shot at the beach. Daily updates will resume on 4 October.

28 September, 1999
A List Apart is featured in the new book   Web Hits: Creative and Artistic Sites From Around the World Wide Web (Agosto, Books Nippon, 1999), along with great sites like 52mm, DincType, and frognation.com. We are delighted.
        Added a new reader tip to the ancient Icon Help page (a high-fiber part of the complete breakfast at Steal These Graphics). And that's it; we're off to Denver for the rest of the week. Daily updates will resume next Monday.

27 September, 1999
Nervously revising our speech and packing for Web Design '99 in Denver. This will be the last, or next-to-last, daily update until we return from the conference. Meanwhile you can amuse yourself with the stuff from the past few days.

26 September, 1999
A relentless flu has finally laid us too low to do anything. We barely have strength to type these w--

25 September, 1999
You know you wanna link to zeldman.com. And spankin' new banner artwork makes it easy.

24 September, 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart Magazine: The way we build sites is always changing, but a new U.S. law could really shake things up. Alan Herrell explains in Accessibility: The Clock is Ticking. Plus Outside Reading No. 13, featuring superb design and useful resources from around the Web.

23 September, 1999
Released A List Apart Digest No. 199.

22 September, 1999
Added Photoshop 5.5 info to Ask Dr Web, our long-running tutorial for webmakers. (The new stuff appears in the otherwise old Dr Web's Graphics Clinic, a section of the site that is full of useful information, but has not been re-designed since early 1996. What can we say? We've been busy, busy, busy. Aesthete, beware.)

21 September, 1999
The Web Standards Project praises Microsoft's decision to focus on standards in Internet Explorer 5 for Mac.

20 September, 1999
Continuing to edit the simplified Exit Gallery and related pages (see 18 Sept). Tracking down a form problem at A List Apart. Uploaded more international translations to the Mission section of The Web Standards Project.

19 September, 1999
Revamped and re-edited the Emzee Associates corporate site. It's sleeker  and more usable now. Fixed a long-standing CSS display error in the Banners Section of The Web Standards Project, and have nearly completed the cool new project we keep hinting about.

18 September, 1999
Finally! Radically overhauled the Exit Gallery. More tweaks to come.

17 September, 1999
In this week's special double issue of A List Apart Magazine:
        SLOUCHING TOWARD AUTHORSHIP II: To create work of real value, Web designers must make the transition from mere service providers to true authors of the medium. In Part Two of a series, your humble Zeldman offers four techniques to help you do just that. Plus, held over by popular demand: OUTSIDE READING 12, and Matt Haughey's TESTER'S DELIGHT, a Web-ster's guide to cross-platform testing.
        Plus: refreshed Les Misc. and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves here (limited interest), and updated the Mission and News sections of The Web Standards Project.

16 September, 1999
Apparently this page is a weblog. At least, that's what Blog Portal and Camworld consider it. Thanks to weblogger Anita Rowland for clueing us in.
        Prepared tomorrow's issue of ALA Magazine (a beaut), and have nearly finished that new site we keep hinting about. Refreshed the Exit Gallery (desperately in need of re-design). Released ALA Digest No. 198. All to the accompaniment of Hurricane Floyd.
        Reader Birgit van der Burg informs us that our Ad Graveyard "made the Dutch paper (NRC), with a large picture of the phone and dildo ad." Mom would be proud.

15 September, 1999
Working on outside projects (more soon). Updated the Guestbook and Gypsies. Monday and Tuesday (below) are more interesting.

14 September, 1999
Following up on yesterday, Michael Green Schmidt of Kaliber10000 provides a fascinating interview in today's edition of 15 Minutes, where movie stars and cyber stars do what they love most: talk about themselves.

13 September, 1999
Dirk Uhlenbrock, creator of Eyesaw Fonts, settles in for a nice long chat in today's edition of 15 Minutes, the place where we interview movie stars and cyber stars.

10 September, 1999
In Issue 1.33 of A List Apart, the weekly online magazine for people who make Web sites:
        Tester's Delight: The Web works on every platform, but does your site? Matthew Haughey weighs in with tips and techniques to help you publish, not perish, out there. Plus: Outside Reading, our twice-monthly column on superb design and useful resources throughout the Web.
        We are spending a long weekend with family, so there will be no daily updates until Sunday or Monday. Be well.

9 September, 1999
The power company failure that temporarily felled The Web Standards Project on 7 Sept. took down A List Apart for several hours earlier today. (Shades of Y2K!) Both sites are back up but will go down again late tonight as the power co. fiddles with its wires. Much thanks to PCM systems god Mike Sweeney for working to minimize the downtime.

8 September, 1999
XML, CSS, ECMA, the DOM. Confused by this alphabet soup of emerging web technologies? The Web Standards Project's Developer Education Committee has put together a helpful new Educational FAQ explaining more about these standards (and why we should use them). Also updated the Ad Graveyard and released A List Apart Digest No. 197.

7 September, 1999
Strange as it may seem to the rest of us, this is the 30th Anniversary of the Internet. UCLA has commemorated the fact with a live event (sold out); tomorrow there will be a webcast.
        Reader Tom Cosgrave kindly informs us that our Ad Graveyard made the Business section of the Sunday Tribune (Republic of Ireland). More on that later. Refreshed the Guestbook and other pages of little general interest. We're fighting off a nasty cold (actually, it's fighting us).

6 September, 1999
Labor Day Holiday (U.S.A.)

5 September, 1999
Updated the cover of this week's A List Apart, began preparing next week's, and built a gallery for that much-discussed but still unreleased new site we hope to share with you soon.

4 September, 1999
The deadline for submissions to the ALA-High Five Web Design Contest was 1 Sept., and no new sites will be accepted at this time. The contest pages have been updated accordingly. Also tweaked the zeldman.com Fun House, and refreshed the usual pages.

3 September, 1999
12:30 a.m. Launched the SenseNet corporate site. (Super-fast connection strongly recommended for now; we'll be shrinking file sizes and fixing a display problem in IE4/Mac early next week.)
        3:00 a.m. Launched Issue 1.32 of A List Apart, the weekly online magazine for people who make Web sites. This week, award-winning site builder Brandon Oelling examines the audience issues, design decisions, and strategic thinking behind a pair extraordinarily successful gaming sites in Entertainment for the Web, Part Two.

2 September, 1999
Mixedmedia.com celebrates "individuality on the Web," and we are listed in the premiere issue, along with more noteworthy Web designers, artists, and illustrators.
        The Web Standards Project has a new section outlining the Top 10 CSS Problems for MSIE4.5/Mac.

1 September, 1999
We are interviewed in the premiere issue of Digital Web Magazine, launched today. It's a vast, helpful, well-designed site (whether you read the interview or not).
        Technical and content snags have held up the two new sites we intended to launch this week. (We're still hoping to launch one of them.) Updated About This Site. Tweaked the Emzee Associates mini-site.


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