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30 April 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart 2, our online magazine for people who make websites: Future Imperfect (one error ends up on a thousand pages), Greatest Hits, and Outside Reading from Belgrade to Bitstream.

29 April 1999
More Jenkinsisms and reader mail.

27 April 1999
They're bum-rushing the bar. Mr Jenkins's Last Martini has a whole slew of new entries. Companion, the component-based solution for web developers, is recommending our very own A List Apart 2.

26 April 1999
By Golly, we're Cool Site of the Day. And you can vote to say how cool you think we really are.

25 April 1999
Added to Dr Web's comments on DESIGN and LAYOUT. Redesigned and edited the inner depths of ALA2 (Resource page, Writers' Guidelines, etc.). Lightly updated the Web Tools page (a messy sprawl of useful links for web makers), and refreshed Review of Reviews, a self-serving compendium of press comments on

24 April 1999
A problem at a lower Manhattan Bell Atlantic central office took us offline for a short while until was switched to redundant servers. Mail service was down for six hours, though no mail was lost – it just hung in a queue until it could be delivered. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, unrelated server problems affected A List Apart 2. All in all, it's been a tough week.
        Added a festive little Letter of the Month to the Guestbook section of Les Misc., our section for things that hang separately. Changed the lead story artwork on yesterday's issue of ALA2 because we could. Still not positive when we'll be able to resume publishing the daily digest. As we said, a tough week.

23 April 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart 2, our online magazine for people who make websites: Designing Your Audience, and Outside Reading 2.

22 April 1999
Computer meltdown no. 99. This month's .Net magazine (UK) has nice things to say about

21 April 1999
Refreshed the Ad Graveyard ("real ads that almost ran") and Mr Jenkins's Last Martini (the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest). Quirky observations are beginning to appear in our Guestbook; and some promosing sites are popping up in Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves.

19-20 April 1999
Updated the usual lower-vertebral pages here. We're hoping to have the Digest back up and running in another day or two.

18 April 1999
Tweaked the Ad Graveyard, the Desktop Pictures collection, and the Exit Gallery. Continued to redesign ALA2. The Design Contest entry form is working again.

17 April 1999
Refreshed Exit Gallery links, Guestbook, and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves pages. Updated the News Department at The Web Standards Project. Added tech note to this week's issue of A List Apart 2, our online magazine for people who make websites. Your humble web author is the subject of a brief article in this month's issue of Ad Week's Creativity magazine (the "Millennium issue").

16 April 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart 2, our online magazine for people who make websites: Ryan Holsten goes in search of the perfect rollover, and Robin Miller warns designers not to be seduced by their own referrer logs. It's mmm'mmm good 'n geeky fun. We've also been updating the site's design, and praying for Brian Platz and Michael Sweeny as they wrap the custom ALA scripts and database around the new server.

15 April 1999
We've been hip-deep in new projects, hence no updates here for the past two nights. Similarly, A List Apart has completed its move to a new network, but the old mail system is dead, hence no new digests yet. Thanks for bearing with us. Fortunately, Friday's edition of ALA2 will go live right on schedule. Much gratitude to Projectcool for helping us out.

14 April 1999
Sounds like good news for standards: Opera Software has hired Håkon Lie, principle architect of the Cascading Style Sheets Standard. Wired News has the story.

13 April 1999
An editor's note from JavaPro Magazine comes on strong for standards and The Web Standards Project. The WaSP site has also been updated. The relocation of A List Apart is going fairly well, but the ad server and contest entry forms may not be working yet. And in lighter news, our befuddled Mr Jennings indulges in yet another dry haiku.

12 April 1999
Call us Copyboy. Mr Showbiz adds a new twist to the story we broke last year at and f* And the mainstream web press has gone crazy covering the 0sil8/Palm legal showdown we discussed in last week's A List Apart 2.

11 April 1999
ALA has moved, and there may be a "blinkout" as the server change percolates throughout the 'Net. There may also be technological adjustments, due to differences in server configuration and access. Hang in there.

10 April 1999
Released ALA Digest 172. Mr Jennings kicked back with another dry haiku. Refreshed Guestbook.

9 April 1999
In the new issue of A List Apart 2, our weekly magazine for people who make websites, JavaScript maven Porter Glendinning takes a run at those pesky cross-platform font problems. ALA Digest 171 went out as well.

8 April 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 170.

7 April 1999
The Web Standards Project issued its State of the Web Address.

6 April 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 169. Thanks to all who voted for The Web Standards Project in CNET's 1999 Web Innovators of the Year awards competition.

5 April 1999
Redesigned the Funhouse, just for you! Refreshed the Exit Gallery and tweaked the Tools section of Ask Dr Web, our tutorial for site builders. The Online Snowboarding Forum plugged to the members of its mailing list.

4 April 1999
Happy Holiday!

3 April 1999
Tweaked yesterday's issue of A List Apart 2, and refreshed the Exit Gallery links. The resignation letter written by one of Netscape's leading developers makes compelling (if terribly sad) reading.

2 April 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart 2, our weekly magazine for people who make websites: new contributor Ryan Holsten explains how rethinking your site's interface can enhance its content; and your humble web author ponders the rights and wrongs of intellectual property as it relates to the web.

1 April 1999
Submissions to the H5-ALA2 Web Design Contest are arriving in droves. Refreshed Mr Jenkins's martini and updated the usual lower-cortex pages.

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