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31 March 1999
Refreshed the Ad Graveyard, just for you! New material, streamlined layouts, the whole shebang. Oh, and Mr Jenkins got another lick in.

30 March 1999
The web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest sloshes on. Released A List Apart Digest 168.

29 March 1999
The 26th – 28th (below) offer far more interesting stuff. Glancingly refreshed a few old technoid pages such as Web Tools and Mac Tools and Dr Web's section on multimedia. All of this material will be overhauled and redesigned soon. Renewed the Guestbook and other low-level pages, prepared articles for next week's ALA2, and received word that made the Awesome Universal WebSite 500 '99 Edition of Cyber-Teddy online.

28 March 1999
Began adding a DESIGN section to Ask Dr Web, our long-running webmaking tutorial, which we are now in the process of totally overhauling. Refreshed the usual incidental pages.

27 March 1999
Our Ad Graveyard was honored by Tasty Bits. Released A List Apart Digest 167. Poured another round for Mr Jenkins and updated the usual incidental pages.

26 March 1999
In this week's issue of A List Apart 2, our weekly magazine for people who make websites, Jason Kottke tells how to use Flash and DHTML for good, not evil; High Five and ALA open the doors to our web design contest; and we share the latest news from The Web Standards Project. Happy reading!

25 March 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 166. Still sick with the world's longest-running flu. If it keeps up much longer, they'll be making a ribbon for it.

24 March 1999
Yow! CNET's Web Innovators of the Year lists the founders of the Web Standards Project among its nominees. Vote early and vote often.... Released A List Apart Digest 165.

23 March 1999
Brought low by acute pharyngitis. Illness is God's way of saying "take a break." So that's what we're doing. Not without publishing something, of course. Hence, The SICKNESS. It's one of those self-revelatory things we do very, very rarely. You've been warned.

22 March 1999
Did some more updating of our long-running tutorial, Ask Dr Web, mainly behind the scenes, and continued to do battle with our flu. Confidential to Roberto: Go, boy, go!

21 March 1999
The latest Word From The WaSP answers the musical question, "Does The WaSP Hate Microsoft?" Also added an Internet Explorer secret technique to the Tools section in Ask Dr Web, and refreshed our Exit Gallery links and Guestbook. La de da.

20 March 1999
Well, whadda ya know. Our Ad Graveyard was honored by Cool Site of the Day!
        Released A List Apart Digest 164, a special "news bulletin" issue. Refreshed the usual low-level pages (yawn) and updated the ancient Mac OS 8 Blues, a page of extremely limited interest – but still kept up, because, you know, we love you.

19 March 1999
The Web Standards Project has issued a statement bemoaning the incomplete standards support in Microsoft IE5. While the new browser improves on 4.0, and while Microsoft has some great engineers working hard to do the right thing, the cycles of commerce pushed the browser into the market before it could do what it ought to do.
        Meanwhile, in this week's A List Apart 2, Julia Hayden tells us how to accommodate client changes without killing ourselves (or our clients). And Entropy 8's Auriea Harvey comes on board as a judge of our Web Design Contest.
        Also published A List Apart Digest 163, refreshed the martini of Mr Jenkins, and updated other sundry pages here. (You know the ones we update all the time? Those ones.)

18 March 1999
That darn flu is still getting us down. Released A List Apart Digest 162 and updated various low-level pages here.

17 March 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 161. Attempted and abandoned new cover designs. A long-running flu is flattening our affect.

16 March 1999
Some new stiffs have found their way into our Ad Graveyard.

15 March 1999
This site's Ad Graveyard was honored by The Washington Post's Click! Refreshed Exit Gallery, Guestbook, Gypsies, and the Awards department.

13-14 March 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 160, and updated Ask Dr Web. This site was honored by the VenusEnvy pages.

12 March 1999
This week's edition of A List Apart 2 offers FEAR OF STYLE SHEETS – with a No-Fault CSS plan to help you add Styles to your site without running afoul of frightened clients, buggy software, or readers who love last year's browser; and THE CREATIVE PROCESS, Mattias Konradsson's meditation on ways to harness the creative muse.

11 March 1999
We interview Francis Chan, creator of the surreal Flash masterpiece, in today's 15 Minutes. Good reading and surfing. Also refreshed: Guestbook and Exit gallery links. Published: A List Apart Digest No. 159.

9 – 10 March 1999
We've lost another legendary figure of the 20th Century: Joltin' Joe has left and gone away. R.I.P. Joe Dimaggio.
        The update to our long-running web design tutorial, Ask Dr Web, continues today with a new section on cascading style sheets. Also updated: the Mac Daddy page, the Guestbook, and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, our directory of sites which use our free graphics. Finally, we released A List Apart Digest No. 158.

8 March 1999
Ad guy John Follis contributes a well-told True Tale of Advertising Madness today. True Tales is a nutritious part of this site's Funhouse department.
        This site has been honored as Digital Productions' DPI Resource of the Week. Digital Productions is an in-depth resource guide for web designers, graphic artists, and Internet developers. Duly noted on the Awards page. Added entry form and additional prizes to the A List Apart - High Five Web Design Contest.

7 March 1999
Now He Is With Hitchcock: With Roberto Benigni and all the world, we mourn the passing of Stanley Kubrick, the film genius who gave us Paths of Glory, Lolita, Spartacus, Dr Strangelove, 2001, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining. "Mr Kubrick," we hear Hitch saying, "you're not wearing a tie." We hope that, somewhere, Kubrick and Jim Thompson have reconciled, and these three dark dreamers of the 20th Century – Kubrick, Hitchcock, and Thompson – have found peace and light in a place beyond time.
        Updated the contest rules at A List Apart and refreshed the Guestbook here.

6 March 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 157, updated the Furbo Filters site, and plopped three more entries into Mr Jenkins's Last Martini.

5 March 1999
Published issue 7 of A List Apart, our weekly magazine for people who make websites. In this issue: Steven Champeon on DHTML that actually works ... plus more than $10,000 in Design Contest prizes.

4 March 1999
The overhaul of Ask Dr Web continues.

3 March 1999
Continued to update and redesign Ask Dr Web, our long-standing tutorial for people who make websites. Released A List Apart Digest 156. Refreshed the usual low-end pages.

2 March 1999
The rehabilitation of Dr Web continues apace.

1 March 1999
We're continuing to rewrite and redesign Ask Dr Web, and preparing issue 7 of A List Apart for Friday. Mr Jenkins's Last Martini has been refreshed by kind readers yet again, while other kind readers fill the Guestbook with love and wisecracks.

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