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28 Feb. 1999
Creating the web is like doing standup: instant audience response. No sooner did we begin rewriting and redesigning Ask Dr Web (see 2/27) than we began getting reader feedback.

27 Feb. 1999
Began completely overhauling Ask Dr Web, our long-running compendium of help and tips for webmakers. The rebuild is far from complete, but you can sneak a peek at the first chapter. (You know you want to.)

26 Feb. 1999
Published issue 6 of A List Apart, the weekly magazine for people who make websites. This issue: Robin Miller's reasoned viewpoint on the plague of rotating ad banners (including those which rotate through ALA). Coming up: over $10,000 in prizes for the High Five-ALA Web Design Contest. We also released Digest 155, and updated the usual pages here.

25 Feb. 1999
A friend discovered Newstrolls' veiled reference to our Harvey Keitel connection. More entries plopped into Mr Jenkins's Last Martini.

24 Feb. 1999
Released ALA Digest 154. Refreshed Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest, and gave Dr Web a few, wee tweaks.

22 – 23 Feb. 1999
Maintenance updates, of no interest to anyone.

21 Feb. 1999
Updated and refurbished the free Desktop Pictures collection. Yippee!

20 Feb. 1999
Released A List Apart Digest No. 153, and ALA2 won CoolSTOP's Best of the Cool Award. Refreshed the usual pages.

19 Feb. 1999
Issue 5 of A List Apart 2 is live, baby! With Julia Hayden's tips on surviving large-scale web projects, more of our nonsense on web design, and the official Rules of the High Five - ALA2 Web Design Contest. Dig in.
        For those who can't get enough of a bad thing, we're shooting off our mouth yet again in another interview – this time in the Help! HTML magazine section of the new Gizmo! 2.0.
        Back at the ranch, we've updated the Exit Gallery links again, popped no. 401 into Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, refreshed the Awards Department and About This Site.

18 Feb. 1999
Rachael Swann submitted the 400th entry in Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest. We refreshed Dr Web's Most Asked Questions, the Exit Gallery links, Mac Daddy, and the Guestbook; and released A List Apart Digest No. 152.

17 Feb. 1999
ALA2 was one of today's Yahoo Daily Picks.

15 Feb. 1999
Revised the Contest Judges page, created new banners, and began working on an article for next week's ALA2.

13 - 14 Feb. 1999
It's tax prep time, we've been crazed with work, and we just got out our fourth issue of ALA2 (see 12 Feb.). So, alas, no updates here this weekend. But if nobody else said it today, we love you. Happy Valentine's Day!

12 Feb. 1999
Issue 1.04 of A List Apart 2 has just gone live. This week: L. Michelle Johnson on weaving a better web; plus a first look at the judges of our upcoming High Five - ALA2 Web Design Contest. ALA Digest 151 was released as well. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, new entries continue to trickle in to Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest.

11 Feb. 1999
Refreshed the martini of sad Mr Jenkins. Updated the Awards Dep't., Exit Gallery, and Guestbook. Our A List Apart 2 received a Cool Homepages Award today, and was named Featured Site of the week.

10 Feb. 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 150, a spectacular big-ass issue.

9 Feb. 1999
More happy hype! A List Apart 2 was named Resource of the Week by Digital Productions, Inc.

8 Feb. 1999
Updated the nav-bar at Ask Dr Web, to include our recent thoughts on online writing, standards, and the importance of branding your sites. We've also been going through older sections of this site, pruning and tweaking. You'll likely notice the changes in Steal These Graphics! and its subsections.

7 Feb. 1999
We are interviewing Robert DeNiro, Billy Crystal, and Lisa Kudrow today, for later webcasting at We're also working on the site itself. A preliminary site is up now; "cool new features" go live this week. Additional interview footage with these stars will also appear in this site's 15 Minutes, our streaming celebrity interview zine.
        Meanwhile, we updated good old Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, the web's longest-running alcoholic haiku contest; refreshed The Web Standards Project's News page; and created new banners for A List Apart 2, our weekly online mag for people who make websites.

6 Feb. 1999
Articles relating to The Web Standards Project's questioning of the Microsoft patent on style sheets include: Microsoft Awarded Style Sheet Patent and Who Owns the Patent to Style Sheets?, both from; MS Wins Patent for Web Standard from Wired News; and Microsoft Questioned Over Web Patent, from Newsbytes. (Refer to 5 Feb., below.)
        NOTE: Link rot has since set in. is no longer with us.

5 Feb. 1999
This week's issue of A List Apart 2 – featuring Steven Champeon on DHTML, and yours truly on better sites through branding – has just gone live.
        Our weekly online magazine for webmakers was also featured in yesterday's Netscape's What's New, which said: "Getting the straight dope on web development isn't as simple as you'd think. Look up web design in your average search engine and you'll get tons of links to tech articles heavy on the party line and light on the truth. A List Apart gets to the gospel, sans dogma."
        And we're today's Tech Sighting at, whose review is so complimentary we're too bashful to quote from it. As you might expect, we noted these praises in Review of Reviews and the Awards department.
        Last – but definitely not least – the webmaking community has been buzzing like mad during the past 48 hours over the news that a U.S. patent was granted to Microsoft for two key web standards, including cascading style sheets (CSS). As you might expect, The Web Standards Project has something to say about it.

4 Feb. 1999
Big news is pending (check back tomorrow). Meanwhile, lightly updated various sections of Ask Dr Web, our tutorial on HTML and beyond; slipped odd new correspondence into the Welk box; refreshed Exit and Guestbook.

3 Feb. 1999
Released A List Apart Digest No. 148; wrote and designed one of the lead stories for Friday's upcoming web issue no. 3.

2 Feb. 1999
The Turkish Party for Socialist Power likes our site so much, they copied it in designing theirs. Oh well, Marx did say "all possession is theft."

1 Feb. 1999
Published A List Apart Digest No. 147. (If you don't belong to the list, you can still browse and search all previous issues on the site itself.)
        Spank Radio is the latest in a long line of sites to steal some of our more idiosyncratic design ideas, lock, stock, and hexadecimal color. (They have since changed their design. No hard feelings.)

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