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31 January 1999
We are working on the Design contest at ALA2 and on an upcoming movie site for our friends at Warner Bros. Released ALA Digest No. 146. Refreshed Mr Jenkins's beverage.

30 January 1999
It took the help of three West Coast web gurus (Davis, Platz, and Powazek), but we finally managed to eradicate the Javascript problems that some users of IE3/Windows were experiencing on A List Apart 2. While we were at it, we adjusted the size relationships and coloring of elements on this week's cover page. ("Good enough" is never good enough.)

29 January 1999
The second issue of A List Apart 2 is now being served. We also released ALA Digest No. 145.
        The Advertising Graveyard here at won "Cool Website of the Day" from TipWorld. Noted in the Awards Dep't., along with yesterday's nod from Netscape's What's Cool. Mr Jenkins got a new haiku, and we refreshed the usual low-level pages here.

28 January
A List Apart 2, our weekly magazine for people who create websites, made Netscape's What's Cool page today. Released ALA Digest No. 144.

27 January 1999
We were designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory today. Duly noted in the Awards department. Refreshed the usual low-level pages. Released A List Apart Digest 143. ALA2 Issue No. 2 arrives Friday.

26 January 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 142. (Note new numbering system.)

25 January 1999
Lightly edited Other Not Elsewhere, the Guestbook and Mac Daddy; but of course we are mainly working on getting out Friday's issue of A List Apart 2, our weekly online magazine for people who make websites.

24 January 1999
Published A List Apart Digest 1.141.

23 January 1999
Our article on web standards, "Why Does It Hurt When I <P>?," is playing all this month in the Feature section of High Five.
        The legendary web design 'zine is, not coincidentally, our ALA2 partner in a new content network dedicated to the proposition that "anyone can make a great website." We've been gratified by the response to the first day of ALA2, some of which made it into our Guestbook; and we'll have more to say about that new content network after Monday.
        We also poured another drink for Mr Jenkins, who can quit making haikus any time he likes; and refreshed a few various and sundry pages deep in the subterranean pod of this site.

22 January 1999
Ladies and gentlemen, A List Apart 2, a weekly magazine for people who make websites, is now live at And in other joyful news, our friend Derek Powazek, recently interviewed in this site's 15 Minutes, deservedly won CSOTD's Cool Design of the Year award for his marvelous site, <the fray>. We're glad we were there to see it. Oh, and we released A List Apart Digest No. 1.140, too.

21 January 1999
Sometime after 12 midnight EST, A List Apart 2, our weekly magazine for web designers, will launch at Between now and then, we've got work to do. If you're in NYC, we may see you tonight at the Cool Site of the Year awards. We'll be in the cheap seats, rattling our jewelry.

20 January 1999
A List Apart 2 launches this Friday! Wrote a short piece for Swanky (url to come). Rushed like hell through a project which will probably be cancelled. Released A List Apart Digest 1.139. Freshened Guestbook and similar lower motor-function pages.

19 January 1999
Jotted a short memoir, Zeldman Family History. Updated Les Misc. Poured another round for Mr Jenkins. A data corruption error with comical consequences affected the server today, but was quickly fixed by our tireless tech guy, The Mighty Omar.
        A transcription of the Zeldman live chat for "The Wild, Wild Web" is now available online. Made minor updates to The Web Standards Project. Released A List Apart Digest 1.138.

18 January 1999
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observed (U.S.A.).

17 January 1999
Reader Pat Story found a cheesy ripoff of at Our name even appears in the source code, and the culprit kept our "quirky" CSS declarations – including the names of old girlfriends – intact. Some imitations are less flattering than others. (Update 11/99: the site is now offline.)
        A List Apart 2, the weekly online magazine for web designers, launches this Friday, and as you might expect, we're still laboring over it.

16 January 1999
Updated Review of Reviews and the Welk mailbox. Began working on a piece for Swanky.

15 January 1999
The launch of A List Apart 2, a weekly magazine for people who make websites, has been postponed to 22 January. We'd tell you why, but our partners would kill us. Trust us: the wait will be worth it. Released A List Apart Digest 1.137.

14 January 1999
It had to happen: finally, a big media company threatened legal action over one of the ads in our Graveyard. Meanwhile, our OS 8 Blues continues to generate reader mail despite being two years old and quite dull. The majority of this mail consists of boring platform rants.
        To atone for this dullness, we upgraded Mac Daddy, a Mac graphics grab-bag and a nutritious part of Steal These Graphics; and tweaked Mac Web Tools, a survey of software for Mac-based web mongers.

13 January 1999
Released A List Apart Digest 1.136.

12 January 1999
Happy birthday to us! The fortune cookie reads: "Don't be afraid to take a chance when the opportunity of a life time appears."
        Updated The Web Standards Project. Released A List Apart Digest 1.136. A List Apart 2, a weekly magazine for people who make websites, is coming this month.

11 January 1999
The "Crying Indian" anti-pollution commercial featuring the late "Iron Eyes Cody" (see 5 January) may be viewed on the Keep America Beautiful website.
        At Macworld, Totally Hip Software announced the bundling of our Furbo Filters with their award-winning Web Painter and LiveStage software for designers. And this little website was chosen as Affiliate of the Week by (Duly noted on the Awards page).
        Refreshed the same pages we refreshed yesterday. Ho-hum. Tomorrow is our birthday.

10 January 1999
Refreshed Mr Jenkins's Last Martini, along with Exit Gallery links, Guestbook, and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, a directory of sites which use this site's free graphics.

9 January 1999
We're at work on a new site for a movie company, and a new task for The Web Standards Project. So no updates here today.

8 January 1999
Updated The Web Standards Project. Released A List Apart Digest 1.135. Continued launch efforts on ALA2, began work on yet another nifty site, and pitched a major account. Not that you asked.

7 January 1999
Mr Jenkins never knows when to quit. Enjoy the latest round of the web's oldest alcoholic haiku contest. Updated Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves and continued to work on A List Apart 2, a weekly magazine for people who make websites. (The site will launch 16 January.)

6 January 1999
Started catching up on the Guestbook.

5 January 1999
Iron Eyes Cody, the "Crying Indian" from the powerful 1970s anti-littering commercial, died yesterday of natural causes in his Los Angeles home.

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