22 Dec 2010 3 pm eastern

For The Children!

DREW McCLELLAN’S 24 WAYS IS THE ADVENT calendar for web geeks, publishing a daily dose of web goodness throughout December. This year’s 24 ways is being turned into a beautiful printed annual. All proceeds benefit UNICEF children’s charities. The sale ends December 31, 2010. Please buy this collector’s item and spread holiday cheer to those who need it most:

The 24 Ways Annual 2010 | Five Simple Steps.

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28 Sep 2010 6 am eastern

Designer Flow Chart Picks Typefaces For Your Projects

So you need a typeface

Tired of staring at your font collection, wondering what a trained graphic designer would do with all those typefaces? Unsure whether Times or Miller is the more appropriate choice for that vaguely left-leaning newspaper you have to design? Want to make sure that info-graphic you’re designing looks hot? Then, friend, you need So You Need a Typeface, a large, hot-looking info-graphic suitable for printing and framing (or at least taping to the wall of your cubicle).

From the good folks at Inspiration Lab.

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23 Sep 2010 5 pm eastern

Animated Me

Thanks, Michel Bozgounov.

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13 Apr 2010 4 pm eastern

Layer Tennis Around the World

Layer Tennis around the world - Friday at 2:00 PM CT.

Around the world in ten layers with Coudal Partners: Ten designers in ten cities, fifteen minutes at a time. A single Photoshop file will circumnavigate the globe starting in Portland and ending in Tokyo with yours truly, Jeffrey Zeldman, providing the layer-by-layer commentary. Don’t miss this one, live Friday, starting at 2pm Chicago time.

Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis presented by Adobe Creative Suite.

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26 Feb 2010 11 am eastern


via zazzle.com

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13 Jan 2010 10 am eastern

The Favorites Project

8 Jan 2010 5 pm eastern

Cog’aoke is coming. Again.

It’s the return of Cog’aoke.

Video: Ian Corey.

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