19 Sep 2013 6 pm eastern

Click It

HERE’S A WEBSITE one of my students designed when she was in Seventh Grade. (She’s 27 now.) Notice that Angelfire still sells ads on it. Wonder how well they perform.

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14 Mar 2012 10 pm eastern

The Impossible Year | Jeffrey Zeldman with Mini-Zeldman Doll Polaroid…

The Impossible Year | Jeffrey Zeldman with Mini-Zeldman Doll Polaroid...


Jeffrey Zeldman with Mini-Zeldman Doll

Polaroid SLR 680SE / Impossible PX-680 Color Shade

Jeffrey became the first person inducted into the SXSW Interactive Hall of Fame. Afterwards there was a party with mini-Zeldman dolls.

The Impossible Year | Jeffrey Zeldman with Mini-Zeldman Doll Polaroid…

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3 Sep 2011 11 am eastern

My Desktop (for Dan Benjamin)

18 Aug 2011 9 pm eastern

Everything you know about mobile is wrong!

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12 Jun 2011 7 am eastern

Jane – Kafka for Lovers

JANE IS A FAMOUS British comic begun during WWII to improve troop morale. The title character is a plucky English lady who always seems to lose her clothes at inopportune moments. This strange predeliction was enough to keep the fighting men happy and helped inspire them defeat the Gerries back in those horrible yet strangely innocent days. With constant changes of illustration style, the comic persisted into the 1960s. Of course the pill and the sexual revolution made the strange little cartoon irrelevant, and that was the end of Jane.

(I learned about Jane from the Penguin Book of Comics, which I was lucky enough to discover as a boy.)

Kafka For Lovers | jane by gesebel.

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13 Mar 2011 11 am eastern

The Twitters of Southby

20110312-NodeXL-Twitter-sxsw by Marc Smith.

From: www.connectedaction.net.

Connections among the Twitter users who recently mentioned sxsw when queried on March 12, 2011 scaled by numbers of followers.

A larger version (zoom for details) is available here: www.flickr.com/photos/marc_smith/5521097041/sizes/o/.

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4 Feb 2011 8 pm eastern

That’s my face on the cover.

13 Jan 2010 10 am eastern

The Favorites Project