Build Your App offline first: Jake Archibald of Google Chrome on The Big Web Show

Jake Archibald at An Event Apart; photo by JZ

IN EPISODE No. 95 of The Big Web Show (“everything web that matters”), I interview Jake Archibald of Google Chrome about upcoming web caching standards, how the network connection is merely a layer of progressive enhancement and why you should build your app offline, communicating with non-developers, accessibility standards at BBC and The Guardian, the forking of Webkit, and why the much-linked article “Why Mobile Web Apps are Slow” proves no such thing.

Jake Archibald is a Developer Advocate at Google working with the Chrome team to develop and promote web standards and developer tools. Prior to Google, Jake worked on, using modern web standards and good old hackery to work smoothly on ancient devices, while adding enhancements to newer devices such as offline support.

Jake also spent 4 years working at the BBC writing low level JavaScript that catered to their strict accessibility and browser support requirements. He authored and maintained the corporation’s Standards and Guidelines on JavaScript, and sat on their working groups for accessibility, markup, and download performance.



The Big Web Show will be on hiatus during August. See you in September!