Design is Copy is Design

ART AND COPY have been joined at the hip since Bill Bernbach launched the creative revolution in the 1960s. But on the web, not so much.

It’s great that some of the brightest minds in our industry continue making the point that copy matters, and that “one of the most overlooked designers in any field is the copywriter.” But it’s sad that, whenever we make that point, the only examples we seem to come up with are 37signals and Apple. (Flickr used to be in there, too, but these days, sadly, nobody wants to talk about Flickr—even when they’re a canonical example of doing x right.)

Anyhoo: Great Design is Jargon-Free is another fine instance of a smart web person (in this case, the handsome and erudite Scott Berkun) making those points.

One thought on “Design is Copy is Design

  1. Wow this post codifies what I know to be locally true and apparently it extends to a global perspective. Our community has a robust developers Meetup group (629 members to date)
    We also have Ruby, Testers and Mobile groups as well as a few more. It seems you can pack a room with ppl that will argue and debate selectors as if it means the end of the world.

    We used to have a Content Strategy meetup. It never met and eventually was closed. The webdev group never talks of content just development and the other groups do not speak of it. It is, “the thing that shall not be named”. For the web to progress we need to turn developers into content creators then learn the properties of the web and apply them to content. Who cares if you build a beautiful machine if we do not have fuel to power it.
    Code is nothing, “the play is the thing.

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