Notes and Images from An Event Apart San Francisco

THE SEVENTH and final An Event Apart show of the year 2012—three days of forward thinking and inspiring insights on multi-device design, content strategy for mobile, the next CSS, and more—is now winding down at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel. The show may end, but the memories will linger … enhanced by digital artifacts like these:

2 thoughts on “Notes and Images from An Event Apart San Francisco

  1. Thanks to Luke W for posting his notes. There were many times that the presenter would make a comment that would lead me down a personal tangent of thought, distracting me from the next few minutes worth of the talk.

  2. Thanks Jeffery for posting this roundup. If I’m not half way around the earth I’d love to see some of these great speakers myself. But until then these posts you put up are great places to start learning new things.

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