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A List Apart Issue No. 342: A Pixel Identity Crisis; An Important Time for Design; Building Twitter Bootstrap

In a triple issue of A List Apart for people who make websites, it’s time for designers to seize the day! Transcend mobile platform differences, harness the power of an open-source front-end toolkit, and band together to change the world:

An Important Time for Design


Cameron Koczon says designers have now been given a blank check—one that lets us band together as a community to change the way design is perceived; change the way products are built; and quite possibly change the world.

Building Twitter Bootstrap


Mark Otto, the co-creator of Bootstrap, sheds light on how and why Bootstrap was made, the processes used to create it, and how it has grown as a design system.

A Pixel Identity Crisis


The pixel has long been the atomic particle of screen based design: a knowable, concrete unit of measurement. But layouts based on the hardware pixel are fast becoming an endangered species. Scott Kellum shows how math and media queries can keep you sane and help you design consistently across platforms.


This is Mandy Brown‘s last issue as an editor. Mandy has brought a lot of great thinking to ALA; she will be missed. Mandy will continue as editor of A Book Apart.

Illustrations by Kevin Cornell for A List Apart

By Jeffrey Zeldman

“King of Web Standards”—Bloomberg Businessweek.

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