17 Nov 2011 1 am eastern

A Sea of Blue Hats

A sea of blue hats

LONDON, ONTARIO Digital Interactive Game and Web Conference Day 1. Jeffrey Zeldman delivered the keynote in the Web stream downstairs at London Convention Centre. Later that day, SxSW announced his upcoming Hall of Fame Induction March 13, 2012!”

Jeffrey Zeldman at DIG 2011 Photo Gallery.

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6 Responses to “A Sea of Blue Hats”

  1. Ara Pehlivanian said on

    Congratulations, Jeffrey! Also, if you ever considered starting your own religion or possibly establishing a compound in Guyana, now would be the time.

  2. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Ha ha!

  3. Chris Bailey said on

    Web smurfs! You should sell these on your site. I could buy a cheap Chinese knockoff but it might not be the right hex color.

  4. Shaun said on

    My parents are from Guyana. Maybe they can help LOL! Didn’t realize you were in this neck of the woods. Would have dropped by to say hello!

  5. Thomas Zablocki said on

    Some bitchslap the guy in front row for me… Not you Jeffrey, the fella without the blue hat on :p

  6. Andrew said on

    For sure! That guy needs to be smacked.

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