16 Nov 2011 9 pm eastern

Air Travel As We Know It

My thrice-delayed, once-cancelled flight home has been resurrected and is boarding. No one was ever so happy to be flying coach to Newark.

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4 Responses to “Air Travel As We Know It”

  1. Phil Rosetta said on

    I’m a big fan of you, Zeldman, but I stopped following you on Twitter because of one too many gems like this. Could you stick to posting “web design news & information” here? Pretty please? My RSS reader thanks you!

  2. John Lascurettes said on

    As someone who has read zeldman.com for a long time as well, it’s always been Jeffrey’s personal blog and has been expressed as such – as has been his Twitter account. Don’t change a thing, Jeffrey – I’ve enjoyed reading it over the years.

    Phil, you want to stick to design professional content only, you might want to bookmark just ALA.

  3. Michael P. said on

    Lucky that you are happy to be violated by the TSA because you are are New Yorker.

  4. Rhett Blanch said on

    I for one like the multidimensional Jeffrey Zeldman. Glamorous life indeed.

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