Ten Years Ago Today

On 27th Street, a couple is passionately kissing. Behind them, the sky is filled with white smoke.

Everyone has left work. It’s like the Fourth of July. And then again it’s nothing like the Fourth of July.

At 33rd & Lex, a woman in an electric green dress squats down to take a snapshot of the Chrysler Building, standing tall and unaffected to the north. I catch myself thinking they haven’t bombed that one yet.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: My Glamorous Life #54: 11 September, 2001. 12 September, 2001. 13 September, 2001. As my loved ones and I lived it in New York City.

6 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago Today

  1. Last week, I assumed you were there at the time, and wondered ‘what were you doing that day?’

    Tragic events shook New York, shook America, and also shook the World. Who can forget that day? Not enough words, written or spoken, could ever suitably summarize the emotions of the time.

    Still, I think it’s good that you wrote this post Jeffrey.

  2. so tragic & devestating. i am often embarassed to be a human. i bought a prius before the week was out.

  3. I tried to read it out loud to someone I care about and I couldn’t finish because it was so moving. I had read it earlier and had no problem but out loud it was very difficult.

    I was in the seventh grade when the attack happened and it was such a source of anxiety and fear for me for years after it had happened. Even though I was in Georgia, that was the case. It is truly strange to look back on 10 years and see that not very much has changed apart from an enormous gap of time in between.

  4. I was in Syracuse at work and while watching the news coverage remember thinking “I think we’re under attack…”

    I’d say you could have multiplied your story by the population of the rest of the country.

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