3 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. Thanks for the shout out! A quick story:

    At AEA New Orleans in 2008 you told a story about helping this lady in a wheelchair cross the street. She had embarked across and was nearly to the other side before she realized that there was not a curb cut on the other end. That really drove the point home about attention to detail and empathy with your users. The metaphor was great and for me it rang true in a very literal sense (unfortunately, such blunders continue to be everywhere). I was a bit over-excited and wanted to stand up and say to the folks around me, “Get it? Cause, you know, the curb…”

    Ha. I’ll never forget that story.

  2. Jeffrey: Thanks for posting a link to this (I wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise).

    Blake: If you’re reading this (yeah, I commented on your site already) but have to say again that I think your blog post is a great read, inspirational stuff (and sometimes people forget these sorts of things or take their circumstances for granted). Best of luck with your web work.

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