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  1. Content almost always drives a website. We need to see what you are doing FIRST then we back the design around the content. Has that always been wrong? Should we have been doing things differently??

  2. There’s an automated line that bemoans the lack of comments on this post. Not surprized though because, list-apart fromMike’s own thankyou, there aint nothin here but the illustration. I did a quick Google around to try to get a sense of what the point was to “sketchnotes” and came up pretty empty.

    Seems like it’s something to do with presenting a presentation in the form of freehand sketches (whatever those things are). The visual appeal is clear but I must say the communication was less so.

    I guess the constraints of “taking notes” as they are presented into an unknown space just simply cannot anticipate what will need to be organised on the page as the presentation unfolds.

    However, as a way of presenting ideas that the sketcher has and can control, I see a fantastic (see the image above) way to present ideas in a fresh and free manner.

    But then again, I’m one of those old guys who still has pencils and a whole range of markers (remember them?)

  3. Hi, Peter. Sketchnotes are a wonderful way for the sketcher to remember what he/she learned. In the hands of a talented sketch artist like Mike Rohde, they can also be delightful way to share big ideas from an educational event like AEA. If you followed the link to Mike’s AEA Minneapolis 2011 Sketchnotes set and take time to leaf through its pages, you’ll get a strong impression of the kinds of topics and ideas that were discussed at the event.

    For more on the intellectual underpinnings behind sketchnotes, see Sunni Brown: Visual Note Taking 101, and The Doodle Revolution.

    If you prefer traditional text, speaker Luke Wroblewski has written excellent notes on many of the major presentations at AEA 2011.

    You can follow live discussion of future events at afeedapart.com (visit when AEA events are in session; see aneventapart.com for the schedule of events.

  4. excellent follow up Jeffrey, thank you for that. Yes, I did check Mike’s out and that was why I was talking about the talent of someone who can see ahead with the space he needs to work into. But I didn’t find Sunni’s on Google so than you for that too.

    I really enjoy graphic communication in the hands of someone who knows how to do it.

  5. Hello,
    I believe content is or should be the main -drive- of a website, cause that is the reason for doing it. To communicate a written MESSAGE. As it is for example any target for a Trainee. If theres no place planned before hand were to go, why start..? A better example would be, why get the boat on the sea if theres no port or target to go.
    Have Ive been clear? I live in Argentina and speak some english too. And also design highly usable websites or at least pretend to. :)
    I always followed the principle, Content is king!

    Lovely drawing Zelman! And your message is 100 per cent clear

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