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SOME IDEAS SEEM inevitable once they arrive. It’s impossible for me to conceive of the universe before rock and roll or to envision Christmas without Mr Dickens’s Carol, and it’s as tough for my kid to picture life before iPads. So too will the internet users and designers who come after us find it hard to believe we once served web content in boxy little hardwired layouts left over from the magical but inflexible world of print.

I remember when the change came. We were putting on An Event Apart, our design conference for people who make websites, and half the speakers at our 2009 Seattle show had tumbled to the magic of media queries. One after another, CSS wizards including Eric Meyer and Dan Cederholm presented the beginnings of an approach to designing content for a world where people were just as likely to be using smart, small-screen devices like iPhone and Android as they were traditional desktop browsers.

Toward the end of the second day, Ethan Marcotte took what the other speakers had shared and amped it to 11. Suddenly, we had moved from maybe to for sure, from possible to inevitable. Ethan even gave us a name for his new approach to web design.

That name appears on the cover of this book, and this book represents the culmination of two years of design research and application by Ethan and leading-edge design practitioners around the world. Armed with this brief book, you will have everything you need to re-imagine your web design universe and boldly go where none have gone before. Happy reading and designing!

Jeffrey Zeldman,
Responsive Web Design

11 thoughts on “Responsive Web Design – The Book

  1. Ordered it two hours ago, and downloaded the digital versions. Just gotta re-schedule the entire week and set time to dive into it :-) The paperback will be this summers beach book!

  2. Jeffrey, when will get a responsive design? That’s one of my biggest issues with the technology is that many of the people who advocate it aren’t using it on their own sites, since I’m always looking for examples of how others are applying it. Also, I look forward to reading the book!

  3. A very easy reading- and excellent book ! Even if much of the topics are familiar, the author writes in an exciting way so that one have to keep up reading :) (and smiling!). The author has …eeeh – a content strategy :), in doing things the way he does in the book. I find that superb ! I recommend this book to everyone, even the advanced web designers.

    Love it ! :)

  4. Great, just waiting for it, now i can save some money for shipping as i will also buy “The Elements of Content Strategy”. I know i could buy the ebook versions but i love paperback.

  5. I read halfway through the book in about an hour. So far, so great. But then again, I expected nothing less from Ethan. I think Adaptive Web Design makes a good companion read to give front-end developers today a rich toolkit to account for the large variety of devices interacting with our content today.

    @Neal G: Don’t you know that the cobbler’s children always wear no shoes? :) I know I hadn’t had a chance to put any of these responsive philosophies into practice for myself until this month.

  6. This is a truly epic series of books. The personality and concentrated information injected into them is rare. I’ll continue buying every volume A Book Apart publishes.

    You are still inspiring new designers. Like me.

  7. Being new to responsive design concepts and anxious to explore them, I find myself wondering… should I wade through the sites I’ve already done and REWORK them (yikes!) or toss them and start over?!

    I realize that development techniques must take into consideration the objectives and purpose of the site. So responsiveness and flexibility as a mindset asks us to be intuitive about the tools we use to get to the cleanest, most efficient and adaptable solution. Though recently when I look at my CSS , I flash back to my elementary school writing exercises and remember the feeling of… erase erase!!

    I look forward to reading the book!

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