16 years online

ON MAY 31, 2011, this website turned sixteen years old. Thank you for indulging me. (And thanks to Sean M. Hall for reminding me.)

Here is a reflection written when the site turned 13.

And here, from 2007, is a mini-retrospective of The Daily Report beginning with 31 August 1997 (entries from 1995–1996 are gone due to overwriting), and continuing through years of constant writing and strange design such as daily/0303a.shtml, daily/0103a.shtml, and daily/0902b.html. (Of course to really see these pages as the world saw them then, you’d need a non-antialiased operating system, a non-standards-compliant browser, and a dingy TV tube monitor. But I digress.)

More of this site’s juicy Web 1.0 goodness may be unearthed here.

If you like, you can also peruse a small gallery of my article header images from the early days of A List Apart Magazine.

Here’s to plenty more years ahead, inventing the web and modern design together.

13 thoughts on “16 years online

  1. I love seeing your old designs, especially the “strange” ones. I feel like looking at the designs say, “this is what I’m into” even more than the content does. A visual time capsule of your changing aesthetics.

  2. I mostly miss those old copies PDN that had (at one point in time) the “web insert” magazine stuck inside – I always got really excited when those came in. If I remember correctly, weren’t you the main writing ingredient in that thing?

  3. Of all the scapegoats I could finger, you’re to blame for encouraging me to dive in and get webby all over. And to thank.

    It’s only too bad, we don’t talk anymore.

  4. I’ve been a regular reader since about 1999.
    I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration, tips and just general awesomeness you’ve given me over the years.
    congrats on 16 years, and here’s to many, many more.
    Thanks Jeffery!


  5. Wow. I’ve been following you since 2001. What I find quite surprising is how the designs from 2002-2003 still look fresh and modern even by today’s standards.

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