18 Mar 2011 11 am eastern

Jeffrey Zeldman signs a contract the modern way.

Jeffrey Zeldman Signs a Contract the Modern Way from Monkey Do! on Vimeo.

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16 Responses to “Jeffrey Zeldman signs a contract the modern way.”

  1. Samuel Fine said on

    Adobe Acrobat: death by a thousand paper cuts. Ironic.

  2. Jeff Hoffman said on

    Great Video. Acrobat is not fun and very frustrating. I have thrown my pen many times.

  3. Amit Dave said on

    Ha! Are you sure? Ok/Cancel

    Jeffrey it’s been a long time hope all is well (aside from not being able to sign a PDF). I can almost picture Lewis Black riled up in his tie stealing this bit.

  4. AJ Alfieri-Crispin said on

    Hmm… not making excuses here, but were you using Acrobat rather than reader? What happens when you try it in Acrobat reader? It is crazy that I have often found to actually USE a PDF rather than alter/author it, you really need to be in reader. Mostly curious.

  5. David Sleight said on

    So… much… empathy…

  6. jody said on

    Oh… but their website say … “Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software lets you deliver professional PDF communications. ” Upgrade from ONLY $199!

  7. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro, version 9.4.2 (the latest version).

  8. Jeff L said on

    Who do you keep LOOKING at off screen??? That’s freaking me out, man!

  9. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    I’m looking at Tim Murtaugh, the shooter.

  10. Josh Kerr said on

    You should be using Zosh. It takes a few seconds and you can do it from your iPhone or iPad. Best part is that it is free. Zosh.com.

  11. Jeff Zwelling said on

    I created this esignature product called echosign.com. It’s much easier for both parties than using adobe. check it out and let me know if you think its better.

  12. Stephen Collins said on

    How much did Poland Spring pay for product placement? :)

  13. Dom Coballe said on

    Just went through the exact same mind numbing experience 2 days ago. Ended up using photoshop to add my signature electronically. Couldn’t bear to print, sign, scan and email.

    Being stubborn, after the important docs were sent off. I was adamant in getting it to work. 2 tries and reboot of Acrobat later, it finally worked.

    Must try Zosh.

  14. qplayz said on

    Thanks for the short Video!

  15. Jeff S. said on

    Good luck. There are so many issues with that product!

  16. Shawn said on

    I’ve done this millions of times, absolutely no issue. I do beleive it’s called USER ERROR.

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