Blowing HTML up my own ass

I WANT TO export my feed to my Tumblr blog and point to a Readability view of each resulting Tumblr post using a shortened link created with Happy Cog’s URL shortener in my Twitter feed, which is automatically imported into my Facebook news stream. Then I want to import my Facebook news stream back into and see if the universe explodes.

49 thoughts on “Blowing HTML up my own ass

  1. Then feed the “favorite comments” back to the senders feed as their “favorite, your favorite comments” of their comments. That should do it – that should take you far enough back in time to either like or dislike someone’s comments before they make them.

    Oh wait, was that just disliked? Or was that?!? Dude!?!

  2. This reminds me of the time back in the early 90s when I thought I figured out how to blast an email training announcement to everyone in Bell Labs. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about bcc and someone out there had his out of office reply set to “Reply to All”, including himself. Loop-de-loop.

  3. You got to be jokin mate. How the f**k a finite loop would make the digital universe explode. Everybody knows nilpotent groups are isomorphic to the inner mapping group of a loop, so i have to admit I fail to see the funny side of all of this.

    Unless you are being sarcastic.

  4. For a more immediate effect, get two of your Macs onto the same network. With machine A, screenshare with machine B. Now while screensharing, open finder and screenshare with machine A.

    I’m not responsible for broken Macs.

  5. Reminds me of the infamous Cat Jam Bread Experiment:
    In this experiment it is given that a piece of bread with jam on it will always fall face down, and a cat will always land on its feet. So if one were to strap a piece of jam bread to the back of a cat, the cat/bread WOULD NEVER LAND.

  6. Will it still be readable on my Kindle.

    Not on the Kindle on your iPad, if Apple has its way.

    You *may* have invented content gerbilling.

    I don’t know what that means, but I feel dirty.

  7. Jeffrey

    May I suggest that you first contact the guys at the Large Hadron Collider.

    When they first started it up, some poor saps though the world would implode on itself. The same worried people are now going to need re-assurance with respect to your mad experiment.

    In fact if combined with the bread / Jam experiment as pointed by Volker Rose, I don’t want too be around when you throw the switch :0)

  8. Trent Walton said:

    First, you’re going to need 1.21 gigawatts.

    Jesse said:

    To infinity, AND BEYOND!

    These are my favourite comments so far! Amazing thread! :-D

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