21 Dec 2010 1 pm eastern

Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest, Revisited

IN NOVEMBER, as part of the 4th Annual Blue Beanie Day to support web standards, we announced a web standards haiku contest, with prizes donated by Peachpit/New Riders (“Voices That Matter”) and A Book Apart. Entries were posted on Twitter with the hashtag #bbd4, with judging to follow in December. It should have been easy.

Unfortunately, searches on hashtags only go back a few days. Which means, when Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition co-author Ethan Marcotte and I sat down to judge your entries, said entries were nowhere to be found.

Not even mighty Google was able to uncover more than a few of them.

We wrote to our friends at Twitter to ask for help, but they were too busy dating supermodels on a pile of money to get back to us. With existing entries sucked into the void formerly known as Twitter search results, and with all those great books to give away and all those eager participants to thank, we have only one choice:

Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest Phase II—This Time It’s Personal

Instructions follow:

Attention, web design geeks, contest fans, standards freaks, HTML5ophiles, CSSistas, grammarians, bookworms, UXers, designers, developers, and budding Haikuists. Can you do this?

Do not tell me I
Am source of your browser woes.
Template validates.

Write a web standards haiku (like that one), and post it on Twitter right here between today and Friday, December 24th. Entries must be “postmarked” no later than 11:59 PM Eastern. Judging will be held the week after Christmas, with winners announced before the New Year.


Can I re-post the haiku(s) I submitted in November?

Yes, please!

Can I create one or more new haikus?

Yes, of course.

How many entries may I post?

As many as you like. However, you can only win once. (In other words, if you post the best ten haikus, you won’t win ten prizes, you’ll win one.)

I can’t post my entry here. (I’m behind a firewall.)

Unfortunately, posting behind firewalls is disabled on this site. (By doing this, I remove 99% of comment spam.) Try posting from your phone, or from a location other than your current one.

Thanks and Praise

Thanks to our sponsors, Peachpit/New Riders (“Voices That Matter”) and A Book Apart, and to Doug Vos, co-founder of Blue Beanie Day.

Let the haikus commence!

Photo: Luke Dorny

Comments are now closed. Watch this space—winners will be posted soon.

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222 Responses to “Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest, Revisited”

  1. Christine Seib said on

    Here we go again. The haiku I tweeted on BBD4:

    browsers forsake me
    hack my tableless design
    The WaSP stings again


  2. Erik Vorhes said on

    love for standards may need con-
    ditional comments.

  3. David Barrett said on

    Where did I say this
    Was X-M-Fucking-L?
    Now the page won’t show.

  4. David Barrett said on

    Why did I serve this
    Thing as X-M-Fucking-L?
    Now the page won’t show.

    (sorry about the last entry, counted wrong)

  5. Paris Vega said on

    dreamed last night that I
    Was a summer intern at
    @happycog. So weird.

    (true story by the way.)

  6. Luke Dorny said on

    The game is on!

  7. robin (aka georgiawebgurl) said on

    New web journeys wait
    of Blue beanies sing; old mud walks
    to break internet

  8. Kodoak said on

    Up all night till dawn
    Crafting HTML code
    Got the green check mark

  9. Alan said on

    Z eld man is hunched
    heavy weave on his head
    blue he is not

  10. Alan said on

    Cascading sheets of style
    More time taken
    More time saved

  11. Alex Ford said on

    is missing a key feature:
    a new tag.

  12. Scott Olson said on

    Top left or left top?
    What is the correct order?
    F^¢% it, zero space zero

  13. Paris Vega said on

    My CSS3
    Brings roundness a plenty
    To your eyes with glee.

  14. Michael said on

    web standards are not
    choking vines nor steep cliffs, but
    paths through wilderness

  15. Web Girl said on

    IE hates my xhtml site
    Fear not xhtml
    The green checkmark saves us all

  16. Paris Vega said on

    If politicians
    Had to Validate
    Before running for office…

  17. Frédéric said on

    Webstandard weather
    No snow flakes ahead can see
    I hope it will be

  18. Justin said on

    Old site
    Standards jump in
    Validation sounds

  19. Frédéric said on

    CSS3 I can see
    Standard code writing

  20. Anton Peck said on


    Tweet archive eludes;
    I had the best haiku;
    Now I’m down to this.

  21. Frédéric said on

    Semantic ripe fruits
    Must we harvest and use good
    Standard respected

  22. Paris Vega said on

    And CSS3 don’t
    hate they deprecate

  23. David Siegfried said on

    A site so clean, bright!
    Lo – built in nested tables;
    salty, bitter tears.

  24. Ryan Brunsvold said on

    One more time for the world! (sorry. Zappa reference) Here’s my original tweet/post/glance into my solitary existence:

    “Step 1: Learn the way

    Step 2: Commit to no hacks

    Step 3: Teach. Repeat.”

  25. Anton Peck said on

    Counted wrong. Dang it.
    Let me write another one:

    The orange one asks,
    If we will don his blue hat;
    Proudly, we comply.

    Now, the above depends on how clear you enunciate the syllables in “or-ange” to count it as two.

  26. Chris McMahon said on

    the warm blue beanie
    protects me from winter’s chill
    and non-standard code

  27. Lauhakari [mikko] said on

    bad where the old ways
    along came the blue beanies
    bright is the future

  28. Anton Peck said on

    Zeldman has a hat.
    Luxury Luke has a pipe.
    Ethan has Johnson?

  29. Anton Peck said on

    Ryan Brunsvold wins, in my opinion. That was just brilliant.

  30. Daniel Wilson said on

    Case of divitis
    only one known cure to soothe
    use of semantics

  31. Brian Hoffman said on

    With the errors gone,
    Through a browser compliant,
    The page is rendered

  32. Brian Hoffman said on

    Great joy will be ours,
    When the browsers of the world,
    Are standards compliant

  33. Ellen Holladay said on

    I E 6 will die
    surely, slowly, painfully
    farewell the hack codes

  34. David Campbell said on

    xhtml5 has been born;
    many designers are torn.
    will valid markup be scorned?

  35. David Campbell said on


    html5 has been born;
    many designers are torn.
    will valid markup be scorned?

  36. Bill Woodland said on

    Web standards thrill me
    When will the world convert to
    blue beanie people?

  37. kunter ilalan said on

    true world is swift,
    and flies in my browser tabs
    masters it takes pages
    pages with standards…

    Hope this little extra line doesn’t hurt my “Haiku” :)
    Btw – (#bbd4) – just to be on the safe side

  38. Billee D. said on

    My original version:

    Zeldman dons blue toque;
    Ignites passion, web standards;
    Helps us all code well.

    Something new:

    Elegant markup;
    Makes it easy to follow;
    Along with your code.

  39. kunter ilalan said on

    No standards crash the planets,
    the suns sink, and men freeze
    like my share of experience

  40. Alex Burr said on

    Chrome now correctly
    renders border-radius.
    I must fix style sheets.

  41. Alex Burr said on

    He used to just swap
    for a ,
    now it's for .

  42. Alex Burr said on


    He used to just swap
    <tr> <td> for a <div>,
    now it's <div> for <section>.

  43. Alex Burr said on

    Developers love
    web standards. Now if only
    browser vendors would.

  44. Alex Burr said on

    Web standards requires
    separating concerns. Write
    your own damn content.

  45. Alex Burr said on

    onclick "validate"
    is behavior, not structure.
    Go unobtrusive.

  46. kunter ilalan said on

    Where are you baby
    You were coming if need be
    Your HTML doesn’t work on blackberry

  47. Dave said on


  48. Toni Kukurin said on
  49. Andrew Zen said on

    HTML5. Even with headless body. Doctype validates.

  50. Andrew Zen said on

    What are web standards? Even with valid markup. Websites can still suck.

  51. Andrew Zen said on

    Table-based layout. Not semantically correct. Use div tags instead.

  52. Cheryl Herrick said on

    No patience have I
    for sites saturated with
    non-compliant code.

  53. Stefan Seiz said on

    Here’s my entry from Nov. 30th:

    Exclusive not,
    for there’s IE in Blue BenIE.
    United for a better Web.


  54. Stefan Seiz said on

    Aaaaannd. Spellchecked:

    Exclusive not,
    for there’s IE in Blue BaenIE.
    United for a better Web.

  55. Rhiannon Johnson said on

    Hardboiled Design Haiku

    Waste your time no more
    IE need not be the same
    Experience guides

  56. Bob Sawyer said on

    Semantic markup
    No jiggery-pokery
    Your browser loves it.

  57. Bob Sawyer said on

    A true haiku has
    a reference to nature
    Green Dog sports blue toque.
    (originally posted 5:41 PM Nov 26th via Twitter)

  58. Taber Buhl said on

    So many browsers
    Jockeying for market share
    The struggle goes on

  59. Theo said on

    The standards are high
    don’t bake bread and cry
    just follow the sky

  60. Rona Kilmer said on

    Sanity on web
    Courtesy of web standards
    Long live blue beanies

  61. kunter ilalan said on

    Accessible pages on my phone – there is almost none;
    One mark-up and one norms
    No place like

  62. Paul said on

    fluffy blue beanies
    made my media queries

  63. Theo said on

    Zeldman`s blue hat
    well known on the web
    means standards no crap

  64. kunter ilalan said on

    One Web, One Mark-up
    One Data, One Purpose
    Here-connect 7 billions

  65. Ed Knight said on

    unite with vision
    one green book, one blue beanie

  66. David Barrett said on

    O mother of God
    Have you seen this damn template?
    Divs all the way down.

  67. David Barrett said on

    That’s not a table
    Why’d they mark it up like that?
    Tears fall on keyboard

  68. Alan Dalton said on

    Forego fancy hacks.
    Choose accessibility.
    Customers will smile.

  69. Antoine Butler said on

    Confuse not, standard
    with a recommendation.
    Best practice, it is.

  70. Scott Olson said on

    A page with standards
    Is easier to maintain
    In the long run. Word.

  71. Kodiak said on

    With all the new things
    HTML5 brings fore
    Forget Netscape 4

  72. Kodiak said on

    I heard Zeldman speak
    That standards are the future
    I was converted

  73. Alejandro Flores said on

    built upon standards, See?
    this beautiful site
    is accessible

  74. Kodiak said on

    Your table-based site
    On my Android phone browser
    Is Unusable

  75. Los said on
  76. Brad Bice said on

    div.haiku:after {
    content: “Support web standards” ;
    font-style: inherit;

  77. Mindy Blinkhorn said on

    To think in black, white
    is to create in colour
    so that all may see

  78. Alex Ford said on

    It’s missing a key feature:
    the new tag.

  79. Alex Ford said on

    Ha, the system stripped out part of mine:

    It’s missing a key feature:
    The new tag.

  80. Alex Ford said on


    It’s missing a key feature:
    The new haiku tag.

  81. Alex Ford said on

    Article Div P
    Another Haiku Entry
    P Div Article

  82. Colin Oakes said on

    What is not standard?
    Internet Explorer 6
    Upgrade browser now.

    Find me on Twitter: @OakesDesign

  83. Kevin said on

    Lovely ampersands / HTML entities / Semicolon cleansed

  84. oVan said on

    Thanks Jeffrey Zeldman

    Standardizing web standards

    And blue beanies too

  85. oVan said on

    Websites are changing

    Browsers are evolving too

    Rescued by the standards

  86. Andrew Cowenhoven said on

    the page wanting us
    readers to unite writers
    standardly that all can see

  87. Trace Meek said on

    Conferences beckon
    Everyone’s all atwitter
    Ephemeral truths

  88. Joe Casper said on

    Blame it on the user
    Blame it on the designer
    Not the programmer

  89. Joe Casper said on

    I got the design,
    Then I wrote the needed code,
    Standards it followed

  90. Joe Casper said on

    Zeldman is the lord,
    Overseeing web standards,
    Its Blue Beanie Day!

  91. Joe Casper said on

    Just One Blue Beanie,
    Has enlightened the masses,
    Let’s raise our glasses

  92. alexandra said on

    Here are all the ones I posted on twitter in Nov:

    it’s web standards day \ i guess i don’t see why though \ standards mean always

    please use IE6 \ no wait, now use seven, no! \ wait, nine next? give up

    to HTML / or to XHTML / that is the question

    ULs for menus \ but aren’t they kind of ordered? \ fine then use OLs

    DIVs are block level \ unless you make them inline \ how does that make sense?

    html5 / markup? js? css? / just a tangled mess

    how did anyone \ get anything done online \ not having firebug?

    css is great / so are standards i suppose / but where’s valign?

    compatible mode / changes the user agent / but what is quirks mode?

    why do designers / think the web is like a ‘zine? / different media!


  93. Paris Vega said on

    with a screech and a
    clank, the caffeinated gears
    of web dev churn forth

  94. Kodiak said on

    The tag that’s named blink
    We shouldn’t now use, instead:

  95. Kodiak said on

    I never wear hats
    But when it comes to Blue Beanies
    I’m a believer

  96. Paris Vega said on

    Best way to learn how
    to build websites: validate.
    That is how I learned.

  97. Rob Healy said on


    Over time
    <UL> navigates
    Shall <NAV&gt morph?


    Google not valid
    Developers surely high
    Mountain View clam bake

  98. PJ McCormick said on

    h2 in address
    makes sense to me but firefox
    explodes violently

  99. PJ McCormick said on

    (Sorry for reposting, but looking over my haiku I realized a little formatting could go a long way)

    makes sense to me but Firefox
    explodes violently

  100. PJ McCormick said on

    …..Sigh, that’s embarrassing. Let me try this again, last time. Promise. Even if it fails:

    makes sense to me but Firefox
    explodes violently

  101. Kodiak said on

    I like web standards
    And free prizes really rock
    I hope that I win :)

  102. Bill said on

    video codecs
    the best part about standards:
    so many to choose

  103. soniktrooth said on

    web standards are good
    non-compliance makes me blue
    just like Zeldman’s hat

  104. Taylor said on

    language of the web
    html, css
    perfecting grammar

  105. Ryan Burrell said on

    body header nav
    section article h1
    paragraph footer

  106. Ryan Burrell said on

    No you can’t use that
    paragraph inside a SPAN
    Only inline tags

  107. vwthumper said on

    HTML5 /
    So good to see you/
    Make yourself at home

  108. Ryan Burrell said on

    Peace: separation
    of presentation, content
    and interaction

  109. Nick said on

    My contribution:

    Well-structured markup
    It passes validation
    View source, full of stars

  110. Rick IE Team said on

    Modern Web Browser
    Supports Modern web standards
    Developers rejoice

  111. Ryan Burrell said on

    spacer GIF, non-breaking space;
    Death comes, I greet thee.

  112. Kat Walker said on

    Haikus are for nerds
    so is writing web standards
    star wars night any one?

  113. Rick Borup said on

    Zeldman with beanie
    blue or otherwise looks good
    but sadly not I

  114. Ryan Burrell said on

    Poor markup, I stare
    at the abyss; invalid.
    The abyss stares back.

  115. Andy said on

    Who will make the web
    A better place for us all?
    The standardistas.

  116. Tom Wolber said on

    It validated
    The WYSIWYG barfed on it
    Code now looks like poo

  117. Charlie said on

    The ‘X’ in front has gone now.
    I’ll miss double quotes.

  118. Tom Wolber said on

    Complaining often
    about how much IE sucks
    time wasted, boring.

  119. Corrie said on

    Header and Footer…
    Goodbye Flash, hello Canvas…
    New features: I like!

  120. Tom Wolber said on

    less is more, of course
    you do not need wrapper divs
    unless you want them

  121. Urs Braem said on

    As of 2010
    I might mix margins and paddings
    But I won’t

  122. Tom Wolber said on

    It looks good to Sam
    It’s totally hardboiled
    It looks good to Sue

  123. Urs Braem said on

    I like the way firebug
    has replaced blackbox debugging
    by x-ray goggles

  124. Urs Braem said on

    The DOM tree stands firm
    I traverse its branches with jQuery:
    It blooms in the ZEN garden

  125. Rod Knowlton said on

    Enterprise code's
    styling stored as attributes,
    I am your reaper.

  126. gvn said on

    It would be so nice
    If we could all just agree
    Until then, zoom: 1

  127. Rob Healy said on

    Indenting helps some
    Syntax color helps others
    Zeldman helps us all

  128. Sean Hussey said on

    What of web standards?
    They light the path that brings us
    Together as one

  129. Rob Healy said on

    Maybe we should eat?
    Maybe we should watch TV?
    Hey guys, WEB STANDARDS!

  130. John G said on

    Nobody’s pages

    validate down the hill;

    inline scripts, short days

  131. John G said on

    Moon dark and day short

    like sixteen-thirty-eight, now

    suggest you font-face?

  132. Jonathan Gabriel said on

    Benighted web devs
    Attain blissful nirvana
    All praise to Zeldman.

  133. Thomas said on

    Web standards are here.
    Now web pros are enlightened.
    Let’s now fix email!

  134. Thomas said on

    Fare thee well, Netscape.
    I never liked your blink tag.

  135. Thomas said on

    Dear friend, your font tag
    upsets me. You should know that
    it’s deprecated.

  136. Urs Braem said on

    really should follow

  137. kunter ilalan said on

    children in school
    fathers at work
    HTML with w3C.

  138. Mike Heroys said on

    only standards give
    all my browsers and devices
    graceful degradation

  139. kunter ilalan said on

    Tawk rite, hold tite, step forward,
    Knowledge of standards compliant
    HTML CSS is a plus…

    {a haiku with the image of two wedding rings}

  140. kunter ilalan said on

    true mark-up is swift,
    flies in my browser tabs
    masters it takes pages
    pages with standards…

    {a re-visit to my shakespearean haiku}
    {a haiku with 4 lines.. ANY Problems??}

  141. Mike Heroys said on

    Sitting beneath the blue beany
    I see the web’s Four Noble Truths:
    HTML, CSS, EcmaScript and DOM.

  142. Toon said on

    There is a difference
    Between and
    I’d like to emphasise

  143. Toon said on

    Curse me for using tags in my haiku. Once more:

    There is a difference
    Between and
    I’d like to emphasise

  144. Toon said on

    Darnit! Please be so kind as to delete the previous two comments and not send Albanian hit men to my home address.

    This should look OK:

    There is a difference
    Between <strong> and <b>
    I’d like to emphasise

  145. Luuk Platschorre said on

    when browsers unite
    when standards reach new heights
    then all is well at night

  146. Toon said on

    Pixel perfection
    is not real perfection
    There is only code

  147. Toon said on

    Designing by writing
    only online
    It exists

  148. sansonnet said on

    Many kittens die.
    As you well know ’tis with
    each hack written.

  149. Toon said on

    There were only three fonts
    back in the day
    When letters were lead.

  150. Toon said on

    So easy code flows
    Many complex lines
    Build a cathedral

  151. pizzofmine said on

    What…woah, 404
    the new standards nowadays,
    Even fail looks great

  152. Toon said on

    We are magicians
    Casting spells
    Black magic?

  153. Toon said on

    I see the Matrix before me
    Keanu is there

  154. pizzofmine said on

    woe to the h-ref
    to put or not put quotes
    that is the question

  155. Fred LeBlanc said on

    This is a situation that’s been happening a lot lately. Luckily for me, it falls right into Haiku format.

    Last minute request:
    “It’s gotta work on mobile!”
    Me: “’Already does.”

    You can even replace mobile to fit in your scenario. Some suggestions include: iPad, iPhone, Android, “Blackb’ry,” etc.

    Happy holidays! :)

  156. Toon said on

    All the books in Alexandria
    Went up in smoke
    No HTML

  157. Toon said on

    People are the only standard
    Code is but a tool
    Make it work

  158. Julian Wachholz said on

    I hope I got this haiku style right.. if not, blame wikipedia for its description.

    thank web standards
    we don’t need no flash
    no more Adobe

  159. pizzofmine said on

    It is weird but true,
    HTML exposure
    caused semicolons cancer

  160. pizzofmine said on

    For Sale: Domain Names. Never worn.

  161. pizzofmine said on

    Having writers block
    can’t seem to write anything
    even a haiku

  162. Toon said on

    Cold hard computer code
    is written for people
    to understand

  163. Jérémue Meyer de Ville said on

    ugly degradation
    multi-screen, multi-os, multi-browser, Vishnu.

  164. Toon said on

    Be the change
    you want to see
    on the web

  165. Toon said on

    The web is not fleeting
    It is here to stay
    except Geocities

  166. John G said on

    Serve what you will as

    text! As text! As the sun sets

    later by seconds

  167. Kyle said on

    Pixel-perfect but
    “it sucks.” Wish the client would
    degrade gracefully

  168. Toon said on

    Make the logo bigger
    Is not your job

  169. befletcher said on

    content joins markup
    semantic and well structured
    browser renders well

  170. Rob Healy said on

    Would you honestly believe
    That Zeldman dot com still renders well
    In Netscape 4 point 7

  171. Rob Healy said on

    Seven - nine - seven
    An elongated haiku
    Poetry standards?

  172. Paul Roub said on

    “This site best viewed with…”
    Remember? Everywhere! How
    Much fun wasn’t that?

  173. @_bmf_ said on

    table table cell
    my eyes cannot see
    cell table table

  174. PJ McCormick said on

    Ok, I love you guys but I can’t resist:

    “Web designers write
    According to Web standards.
    Haiku standards, well…”

  175. PJ McCormick said on

    And, look, I’m sorry about reposting this one again but I am DETERMINED to format it properly.

    “<h2> in <address>
    makes sense to me but Firefox
    explodes violently”

  176. Jason Wolf said on

    Achieve dot calmness. Believe not in hot tag soup. Viva web standards! #bbd4 #haiku

  177. Tricia said on

    The future is here
    All your tags are belong to

  178. soniktrooth said on

    For Web Designers; huzzah!
    Buy a copy right now

  179. 5tein said on

    Meaning-raked markup
    made bright by Garden’s shadow.
    This path needs no guide.

  180. 5tein said on

    CSS-set stones
    Swim free like dragon hatchlings
    But wake tsunamis

  181. 5tein said on

    One more:

    With each walk through code
    the gardener breathes deeply
    expelling prolix lines.

  182. Robert Fortin said on

    My first solo gig?
    Client Over Cuckoo’s Nest:
    Requests “Curlz MT”

  183. Adam Jackett said on

    It is amazing
    to see how many people
    can’t write a haiku

  184. blancaperse said on
  185. blancaperse said on

    src img=”http://www.thesecretofmydream.org/im/lemon_chewingum_lips.jpg”
    width=”yourhands” height=”very” /

    (Sorry, it enters as code and doesn’t show up!)
    Please, add the signs in place. Ta ta!

  186. Kat Walker said on

    Embrace web standards!
    Reject the future to be
    obselite. Be Smart.

  187. Bill L. said on

    With Microdata,
    (Itemprop equals Haiku),
    Items have meaning

  188. Josiah Zobb said on

    Clarity obscured
    By a web of confusion –
    Standard ignorance

  189. James Beardmore said on

    Not every user
    Has a monitor like yours
    Make sites adaptive

  190. James Beardmore said on

    Turn off CSS
    Read your markup on the screen
    Does it still make sense?

  191. James Beardmore said on

    Just because you can
    Add all those flashy effects
    Doesn’t mean you should

  192. James Beardmore said on

    Shut down Photoshop
    Design around the content
    Adaptive layout

  193. James Beardmore said on

    Table based layouts
    With inline styles and font tags
    Make the angels barf

  194. Ryan said on

    HTML 5 is your CSS3 dream come true. Don’t blow it on canvas.

  195. Marcos BDM said on

    The cure for a bad website is Web Standards.
    There is no cure for Web Standards.

    (blatantly adapted from Dorothy Parker)

  196. Marcos BDM said on

    HTML5 + CSS3 : web domination, NOW !
    (blatantly adapted from Linus Torvalds)

  197. Marcos BDM said on

    Intellectual property ? What’s that ? a mental disease ?

  198. Marcos BDM said on

    You have to @font-face the reality : your browser is obsolete.

  199. Marcos BDM said on

    New acronym: MISS (Make It Standard, Stupid).

  200. Marcos BDM said on

    Client : Hey, your code doesn’t validate.
    Developer : nor does your validator.

  201. Marcos BDM said on

    Web standards are dead. Long live to Web Standards !

  202. Jon Williams said on

    Adding extra divs
    just to make it work
    misses the whole point

  203. Jon Williams said on

    (Jeez — my syllable counting is impaired today)

    Adding extra divs
    just to match the Photoshop
    misses the whole point

  204. Marcos BDM said on

    Progressive degradation of old browsers gracefully enhances your life.

  205. Jon Williams said on

    At least with tables
    layout worked in all browsers.
    Take another lap.

  206. Marcos BDM said on

    Christmas wishlist :
    – responsive web design
    – responsible web markup

  207. Marcos BDM said on

    OK, last one (not exactly a haiku ! ). Inspired by M. King.

    Let Standards ring. And when this happens, and when we allow Standards ring, when we let them ring from every website and every blog, from every server and every provider, we will be able to speed up that day when all of the Internet’s children — Explorer and Firefox, Chrome and Safari — will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Internet song: “Standards at last! Standards at last! Thank God Almighty, we are Standards-compliant !”

  208. Marcos BDM said on

    So the haiku version would be:

    I have a dream.
    Let Standards ring.

  209. Mike James said on

    Ah, Obsolescence!
    Clouds open; it’s time to go.
    Your Flash burns my eyes.

  210. Robert said on

    With W’s 3

    Wistful, We Whistle.
    Weep, Wail or ceaselessly Whine,
    Dubya 3 ain’t 2


    Practice to deceive
    you’re Wicked Web Ways you Pricks!
    Standards are coming!

    ———- or ——————

    A sole thought whispers
    on a silent, moonless night
    a standard revealed


    My last search is done.
    The internet is over…
    My dog wants to eat.


    Thinkin’ bout standards….
    A yellow cab blasts it’s horn!
    ?%#&*#@! *$%@!#n’ cabbie!

  211. Robert Tucker said on

    If only standards
    were as common as white bread
    It’s starting to snow

  212. Robert Tucker said on

    Thinkin’ bout standards….
    A yellow cab blasts it’s horn!
    ?%#&*#@! *$%@!#n’ cabbie!

  213. Robert Tucker said on

    A sole thought whispers
    on a silent, moonless night
    a standard revealed

  214. Robert Tucker said on

    Wistful, We Whistle.
    Weep, Wail or ceaselessly Whine,
    Dubya 3 ain’t 2

  215. Robert Tucker said on

    Wish for a New Year!
    A web that follows standards…
    Someone wake me up.

  216. Robert Tucker said on

    I dress in all black,
    I’m Creative Director.
    Clients extoll me.

  217. Robert Tucker said on

    In this world, know me
    by the standards that I use.
    Where’s my Blue Beanie?

  218. Robert Tucker said on

    I stand by standards,
    my search-friendly sites load fast!
    I sleep very well….

  219. Robert Tucker said on

    She knows my standards.
    I hear her breathing quicken,
    I can wait no more…..

  220. Robert Tucker said on

    I like my standards
    the way I like my coffee
    with cream & sugar

  221. Robert Tucker said on

    What am I doing
    on Christmas Eve? I can’t believe,
    I’m writing haiku

  222. Justin said on

    IE, ooh, IE
    6, 7, 8, 9, we endure
    Ooh, IE, no more

Comments off.