Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest, Revisited

IN NOVEMBER, as part of the 4th Annual Blue Beanie Day to support web standards, we announced a web standards haiku contest, with prizes donated by Peachpit/New Riders (“Voices That Matter”) and A Book Apart. Entries were posted on Twitter with the hashtag #bbd4, with judging to follow in December. It should have been easy.

Unfortunately, searches on hashtags only go back a few days. Which means, when Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition co-author Ethan Marcotte and I sat down to judge your entries, said entries were nowhere to be found.

Not even mighty Google was able to uncover more than a few of them.

We wrote to our friends at Twitter to ask for help, but they were too busy dating supermodels on a pile of money to get back to us. With existing entries sucked into the void formerly known as Twitter search results, and with all those great books to give away and all those eager participants to thank, we have only one choice:

Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest Phase II—This Time It’s Personal

Instructions follow:

Attention, web design geeks, contest fans, standards freaks, HTML5ophiles, CSSistas, grammarians, bookworms, UXers, designers, developers, and budding Haikuists. Can you do this?

Do not tell me I
Am source of your browser woes.
Template validates.

Write a web standards haiku (like that one), and post it on Twitter right here between today and Friday, December 24th. Entries must be “postmarked” no later than 11:59 PM Eastern. Judging will be held the week after Christmas, with winners announced before the New Year.


Can I re-post the haiku(s) I submitted in November?

Yes, please!

Can I create one or more new haikus?

Yes, of course.

How many entries may I post?

As many as you like. However, you can only win once. (In other words, if you post the best ten haikus, you won’t win ten prizes, you’ll win one.)

I can’t post my entry here. (I’m behind a firewall.)

Unfortunately, posting behind firewalls is disabled on this site. (By doing this, I remove 99% of comment spam.) Try posting from your phone, or from a location other than your current one.

Thanks and Praise

Thanks to our sponsors, Peachpit/New Riders (“Voices That Matter”) and A Book Apart, and to Doug Vos, co-founder of Blue Beanie Day.

Let the haikus commence!

Photo: Luke Dorny

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222 thoughts on “Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest, Revisited

  1. One more time for the world! (sorry. Zappa reference) Here’s my original tweet/post/glance into my solitary existence:

    “Step 1: Learn the way

    Step 2: Commit to no hacks

    Step 3: Teach. Repeat.”

  2. Counted wrong. Dang it.
    Let me write another one:

    The orange one asks,
    If we will don his blue hat;
    Proudly, we comply.

    Now, the above depends on how clear you enunciate the syllables in “or-ange” to count it as two.

  3. true world is swift,
    and flies in my browser tabs
    masters it takes pages
    pages with standards…

    Hope this little extra line doesn’t hurt my “Haiku” :)
    Btw – (#bbd4) – just to be on the safe side

  4. My original version:

    Zeldman dons blue toque;
    Ignites passion, web standards;
    Helps us all code well.

    Something new:

    Elegant markup;
    Makes it easy to follow;
    Along with your code.

  5. Here are all the ones I posted on twitter in Nov:

    it’s web standards day \ i guess i don’t see why though \ standards mean always

    please use IE6 \ no wait, now use seven, no! \ wait, nine next? give up

    to HTML / or to XHTML / that is the question

    ULs for menus \ but aren’t they kind of ordered? \ fine then use OLs

    DIVs are block level \ unless you make them inline \ how does that make sense?

    html5 / markup? js? css? / just a tangled mess

    how did anyone \ get anything done online \ not having firebug?

    css is great / so are standards i suppose / but where’s valign?

    compatible mode / changes the user agent / but what is quirks mode?

    why do designers / think the web is like a ‘zine? / different media!


  6. true mark-up is swift,
    flies in my browser tabs
    masters it takes pages
    pages with standards…

    {a re-visit to my shakespearean haiku}
    {a haiku with 4 lines.. ANY Problems??}

  7. Sitting beneath the blue beany
    I see the web’s Four Noble Truths:
    HTML, CSS, EcmaScript and DOM.

  8. Darnit! Please be so kind as to delete the previous two comments and not send Albanian hit men to my home address.

    This should look OK:

    There is a difference
    Between <strong> and <b>
    I’d like to emphasise

  9. This is a situation that’s been happening a lot lately. Luckily for me, it falls right into Haiku format.

    Last minute request:
    “It’s gotta work on mobile!”
    Me: “’Already does.”

    You can even replace mobile to fit in your scenario. Some suggestions include: iPad, iPhone, Android, “Blackb’ry,” etc.

    Happy holidays! :)

  10. And, look, I’m sorry about reposting this one again but I am DETERMINED to format it properly.

    “<h2> in <address>
    makes sense to me but Firefox
    explodes violently”

  11. src img=””
    width=”yourhands” height=”very” /

    (Sorry, it enters as code and doesn’t show up!)
    Please, add the signs in place. Ta ta!

  12. The cure for a bad website is Web Standards.
    There is no cure for Web Standards.

    (blatantly adapted from Dorothy Parker)

  13. OK, last one (not exactly a haiku ! ). Inspired by M. King.

    Let Standards ring. And when this happens, and when we allow Standards ring, when we let them ring from every website and every blog, from every server and every provider, we will be able to speed up that day when all of the Internet’s children — Explorer and Firefox, Chrome and Safari — will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Internet song: “Standards at last! Standards at last! Thank God Almighty, we are Standards-compliant !”

  14. With W’s 3

    Wistful, We Whistle.
    Weep, Wail or ceaselessly Whine,
    Dubya 3 ain’t 2


    Practice to deceive
    you’re Wicked Web Ways you Pricks!
    Standards are coming!

    ———- or ——————

    A sole thought whispers
    on a silent, moonless night
    a standard revealed


    My last search is done.
    The internet is over…
    My dog wants to eat.


    Thinkin’ bout standards….
    A yellow cab blasts it’s horn!
    ?%#&*#@! *$%@!#n’ cabbie!

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