30 thoughts on “Yahoo is shutting down Delicious

  1. So, are they going to give me my 3,000+ Delicious bookmarks back or what? That’s the least they could do while we find a reasonable substitute.

    I have been an active Delicious user almost since its inception and these are very, very sad news. Also, makes you think twice about leaving your web imprints and long time memories at the mercy and whim of a third party (Yeah Flickr, I’m talking to you).

  2. Being as new as I am to blogging, etc. I’m a relatively new user on many of the bookmarking sites.

    It seems like every time I get used to one, it shuts down or changes and all my work getting used to it and using it goes out the window – is this the normal state of using the net technology?

    Man, Yahoo! really know how to screw their users, don’t they? Doing it well since the mid-90s…

  3. By the way, blocking posts from users behind proxies is understandable, I guess. But I couldn’t post from my laptop on $largecompany network. So, posting from my Droid.

  4. Very sad news indeed. What are the alternatives that have browser integration as robust as Delicious? For those that have accounts, go here today, just in case:


    Creates a basic HTML file that, hopefully, can be imported when an alternative is found. Tag support is marginal at best: “If you choose the option to include your tags, they will be in your export even if you don’t see them on the page — you can view the source of the file to make sure your tags are there. Also note that if you have created tag bundles, they will not be preserved in your exported file. This is a limitation of the export file format.”

  5. @Beto – Delicious does have an export tool so you can get your bookmarks out of their system. Go to “Settings” in the top right corner and then select “Export / Backup Bookmarks” under the “Bookmarks” heading. It dumps everything out as one HTML file, which isn’t very useful and makes it hard to retrieve tags, but at least your data isn’t lost.

    Yeah, I’m a bit peeved about another bookmarking service going down. My last set of bookmarks got Ma.gnol.ia-ed into electronic ether… At least I had some warning and a chance to export this time!

  6. Who said Babelfish?! I’m in love with Babelfish. That little yellow fish is so adorable and, unlike Mr. Twitter Bird™, it does not poop its entire life.

  7. so.. what do we use now? I mostly use my tumblr as a visual bookmarking site already, but I don’t want to have to blog every single one of my old delicious links.

  8. This is just pathetic. How can you trust a web service beyond a its “look at me life cycle” look quick it is the tail end of the golden age. Soon the web will look the way commercial radio sounds. I’m just bummed, not surprised. In reality free can’t last forever. I mean how crazy would that be? Really? Free information?
    I must have been dreaming. What crap.

  9. Hey ya’ll… Sad news that Delicious is going into net history… You DON’T have to lose your Bookmarks though!!! Check out Spabba (www.spabba.com). You are able to import and privately store your bookmarks with them… Very cool, but only for “old school” Delicious accounts. Check’em out!

  10. Fortunately, not the team that runs Yahoo!.jp – Geocities remains a thriving service in Japan and shows absolutely no signs of shutting down for some bizarre reason.

  11. I recommend BibSonomy, which has most of the features in delicious (no tag bundles, but the ability to use hierarchical tags more than makes up for it). BibSonomy can import your data from delicious directly as well (via settings -> imports).

    If you are doing research, the ability to store publication data in BibTeX format (somewhat similar to citeulike) is powerful as well.

  12. Call me naive but why don’t big corps like Yahoo! who eat up startups and then throw them away try to sell off or hand off services like this rather than kill them? Surely someone, somewhere, would purchase Delicious. Even if it was for only $100 that is $100 more than what Yahoo! makes by killing it. Or better yet hand it off the original creators if they were interested.

  13. I started a Pinboard account as well. If *everyone* who had a Delicious account were to migrate effortlessly to Pinboard, and if Pinboard were capable of handling the traffic, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But that’s a lot of ifs, and the truth is that vibrant web communities are in constant danger of perishing when purchased by corporate overlords who don’t understand how to keep them growing (financially and otherwise).

  14. Sad to hear, used to use them now and then, always nice to have a tool to sort out so much of the crap on the web, or another way of adding your own filters.

    For what it’s worth, have recently launched some collaborative apps, including website bookmarking, for sharing within albeit private networks, not public like delicious. Still helpful though for some of the some reasons, not quite as many features as Delicious as still fairly new, but does include comments, email notifications, and the other apps. While not free, is fairly cheap at $1 per user per month, but you get all the other apps too with 1GB. If interested, is called Odysen and can check it out at http://www.odysen.com.


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