Top Web Books of 2010

It’s been a great year for web design books; the best we can remember for a while, in fact!” So begins Goburo’s review of the Top Web Books of 2010. The list is extremely selective, containing only four books. But what books! They are: Andy Clarke’s Hardboiled Web Design (Five Simple Steps); Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 For Web Designers (A Book Apart); Dan Cederholm’s CSS3 For Web Designers (A Book Apart); and Eric Meyer’s Smashing CSS (Wiley and Sons).

I’m thrilled to have had a hand in three of the books, and to be a friend and business partner to the author of the fourth. It may also be worth noting that three of the four books were published by scrappy, indie startup publishing houses.

Congratulations, all. And to you, good reading (and holiday nerd gifting).

5 thoughts on “Top Web Books of 2010

  1. Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Designby Khoi Vinh is another great book of 2010. I highly recommend it to any web designer, especially those migrating from the world of print.

  2. I second David’s suggestion for Ordering Disorder. Learning as much as possible and really absorbing what goes into the formation of grid design and designing the grid itself is what takes me from being really nervous about beginning a project to at ease.

  3. Of course, I prefer anything by O’Reilly, but that’s just me. Have they grown out of vogue? Their style and approach is always so practical and disjointed.

  4. I have enjoyed reading, Programming the Mobile Web, by Maximiliano Firtman.
    I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to dive deeper into mobile web development. A must read.

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