6 thoughts on “NYC Must-See

  1. Wonderfully compiled list of places to see in NYC. My wife and I visited your city in may and managed to to thirteen of the eighteen places – an unforgettable experience! Glenn & Gill – Johannesburg, South Africa. PS. It seems as if your offices or place of residence is in KIps Bay – we stayed with a friend in Murray Hill (440 3rd Ave.) which I am sure is in the same neighborhood.

  2. And once you’re done with Lombardi’s, cross the street to dive into Rice to Riches and marvel at the number of flavors that rice pudding can have. Then take a leisure stroll to China Town and meet the crowd of street vendors trying to sell you counterfeits. Pretend to be interested. The way they try to convince you and bargain is a spectacle in itself. Then pass by the noodle and dumplings shops and if the smells tempt you, enter one. Even if you’re full, you’re sure to find some place in your stomach for it. Or come back later.
    Go to Broadway to see at least one show and attend at least one stand-up comedy.
    And in the morning, get a coffee from Starbucks, take a deep breath and meet the city again. Because every day is different there.

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