15 Nov 2010 10 am eastern

Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest – Win Prizes from Peachpit and A Book Apart

Attention, web design geeks, contest fans, standards freaks, HTML5ophiles, CSSistas, grammarians, bookworms, UXers, designers, developers, and budding Haikuists. Can you do this?

Do not tell me I
Am source of your browser woes.
Template validates.

Write a web standards haiku (like that one), and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #bbd4 between now and November 30th—which happens to be the fourth international Blue Beanie Day in support of Web Standards.

Winning haikus will receive free books from Peachpit/New Riders (“Voices That Matter”) and A Book Apart.

Ethan Marcotte, co-author of Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition and I will determine the winners.

Enter as many haikus as you like. Sorry, only one winning entry per person. Now get out there and haiku your heart out!

See you on Blue Beanie Day.

P.S. An ePub version of Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition is coming soon to a virtual bookstore near you. Watch this space.

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17 Responses to “Blue Beanie Day Haiku Contest – Win Prizes from Peachpit and A Book Apart”

  1. Ryan Swarts said on

    Awesome. Gotta work on this. Reminds me, too, I should start getting ready to update my avatar and my blog for the 30th. Standards for life! Ha.

  2. fcalderan said on

    how do you count syllables on your haiku?? :)
    it should be 5/7/5, yours it seems much like 5/8/7

  3. George Badarau said on

    before me
    with a lantern in hand
    a snowman

    George Badarau


  4. Keith A. Simmonds said on

    to design with taste
    is to aim at high standards
    for the world wide web

  5. Simon Cox said on

    A blue beanie hat
    Auter, Speaker, standardista
    A cat in a hat

  6. Ricardo Zea said on

    I don’t use Twitter and I barely log in my Facebook account, and no, I don’t have a blog either.

    Have you guys ever thought of Web Designers that are not into social media… yet support 110% web standards?

    How are we supposed to have a chance to win, if any?


    PS. I support web standards 110%… of course.

  7. Jeffrey Zeldman said on


    Well, you might post a haiku here, like Simon Cox did.

  8. JJ said on

    Ricardo — you just described the display:none of Web ID. Take a more relative position and stop blocking if you want to be classy. A sense of whimsy is !important.

  9. Mike Metcalf said on


    Blue beanies, berets,
    And bowlers bestowed bravely.
    Beautiful browsers.

  10. Mike Metcalf said on

    Shared on Twitter (@mikemetcalf)

    Blue beanies, berets,
    And bowlers bestowed bravely.
    Beautiful browsers.

  11. Theo said on

    The standards are high
    don’t bake bread and cry
    just follow the sky

  12. Ricardo Zea said on

    Ok, here goes nothing:

    “Site looks broken”
    Standards out the window…
    Upgrade without the cost of a single token.

  13. John said on

    End obsolescence
    One size does not fit all web
    Smile! Build with standards

  14. John said on

    one more…

    PHP, CSS3
    Embrace acronyms

  15. John said on

    Forgot the hashtag
    Not a twitter kind of guy
    Back to drawing board

  16. DA said on

    Which haikus won!? I entered like 30 of my best (I’m awesome at haikus) so I want to see what was better than mine :)

  17. James McNally said on

    Can I lay claim to the original idea for web standards haiku contests? I remember giving away your book many years ago in a similar contest. Here were the winners: http://www.consolationchamps.com/2001/06/25/zeldman-haiku-contest-winner/

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