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  1. Hate to rain on your tickertape parade, but thinks aren’t quite so rosy in the UK (where the Government recently shelved plans to upgrade from IE6).

    I work for a company who make webapps for public and private sector and 70% of private sector and 84% of public sector still use IE (with 22% of the latter still on IE6).

    The war continues . . .

  2. According to StatCounter, Chrome has been doing most of the usage share stealing. Surprisingly (to me, anyway), Firefox’s share has remained relatively stagnant, around 30-35% for the last year.

  3. For your fans who lean right: Tell us you at least considered – if only for a moment – an image of Obama in a dirt field saying, “I know the ‘green shoots’ of this economic recovery are here somewhere.”

  4. This has to be one of my favorite blog posts of all times! Much respect for all the hard work you have done over the years to get to a moment where this post was possible!

  5. Neil, I think that was Jeffrey’s deliberate ironic salvo here. When “Mission Accomplished” was declared in the context of the original photo, the mission was hardly accomplished (and still has yet to be). We’ll still be dealing with legacy for many years to come, particularly in enterprise and international environments.

  6. I think that was Jeffrey’s deliberate ironic salvo here.

    It was Carl Rudy’s deliberately ironic salvo, which delighted me, and with which I heartily concur.

    I approved this message.

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