Episode 21: Just The Two Of Us

Dan Benjamin

We’re mixing it up for today’s episode of The Big Web Show. Instead of interviewing one or more amazing web innovators per our standard practice, Dan Benjamin and I will interview each other.

I’ve known Dan since Netscape 1.0 was the best browser money could buy. He is a fascinating, complex, profoundly multi-talented gentleman. If you know him as the Jedi CEO and chief on-air talent of the web’s most awesome podcasting network, then you have tasted but a slice of his talent pie.

Dan is a broadcaster, screencaster, writer, software developer, designer, and entrepreneur. Also a pioneering blogger, co-founder of Cork’d, Theravada Buddhist, and much more. We could probably do a whole season of Big Web Show episodes just on Dan (but we won’t). And, too, he’ll be asking me stuff.

Adding piquancy, Dan is recovering from a cold and I’m in the middle of one, so I’ll be “taping” from behind a box of Kleenex in my apartment.

That’s nothing. I once taped an entire episode of The Big Web Show wearing wet trousers. Yes, really. There was no time to change and the show must go on. How my trousers got wet is a whole thing. I don’t want to talk about that. The point is, that’s how much Dan and I care about the show. I was miserably uncomfortable but it was showtime, and if you re-watch the old episodes you won’t even be able to tell which is the one where I’m Mr Wetpants—I’m that smooth.

So please join us today, Sep 30, 2010, at 1:00 PM Eastern, for Episode 21: “Just the Two of Us.” (And after a story like that, how can you refuse?)

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