28 Sep 2010 6 am eastern

Designer Flow Chart Picks Typefaces For Your Projects

So you need a typeface

Tired of staring at your font collection, wondering what a trained graphic designer would do with all those typefaces? Unsure whether Times or Miller is the more appropriate choice for that vaguely left-leaning newspaper you have to design? Want to make sure that info-graphic you’re designing looks hot? Then, friend, you need So You Need a Typeface, a large, hot-looking info-graphic suitable for printing and framing (or at least taping to the wall of your cubicle).

From the good folks at Inspiration Lab.

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2 Responses to “Designer Flow Chart Picks Typefaces For Your Projects”

  1. crstntnc said on

    it’s been around for some time, nice to see you bless it…
    though, I sense a little bit of sarcasm, am I wrong?

  2. George Katsanos said on

    It’s really cool. Not only am I using it but probably taping it too !

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