Of Thee I Sing

According to Lanyrd and this Amtrak ticket, I’m on my way to Washington, DC, home of the 9:30 Club, Embassy Row, museums and monuments, and the site of An Event Apart DC—three days of design, code, and content for people who make websites.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

I love DC the way someone who used to live there loves a town. In DC I fell in love, played in some little-known but great bands, wrote for City Paper and The Washington Post, and started an advertising career that would take me to New York and lead me to web design.

And now, in the very neighborhood where I once struggled to pay rent, a place haunted by a friend’s ghost and memories of ordinary madness, I’m co-hosting a three-day celebration of a profession that didn’t exist fifteen years ago and that is only now coming to maturity. (I can relate.)

An Event Apart DC features 12 great speakers and 12 sessions. The sold-out, two-day show is followed by A Day Apart, a one-day learning experience on HTML5 and CSS3 led by our good friends Jeremy Keith (author, HTML5 For Web Designers) and Ethan Marcotte (co-author, Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition).

I’m truly looking forward to this conference and to meeting some of you there. For those who can’t attend, there’s A Feed Apart, An Event Apart’s official aggregator of live tweets, and, of course, the Flickr group. These should start filling with content shortly after the conference begins on Thursday morning.


11 thoughts on “Of Thee I Sing

  1. I’m super excited about this week! I can hardly wait! If I remember, I’ll be the girl wearing the 5by5 t-shirt on the first day. :) See you soon!

  2. Giddy like a young child just before Christmas morning I can’t believe the first AEADC is about to become reality! Looking forward to the event, the great DC audience, all the fantastic speakers and hope to meet you there, Jeffrey! Safe travels and good DC memories to you.

  3. My entire life in DC was an event apart, and I am very much looking forward to closing a loop with you there. Tonight. Among our old ghosts and with a new spirit that only is born of living long.

  4. Looking forward to seeing everyone there, learning a lot, and getting newly inspired. Safe travels to everyone coming in from out of town (including myself)!

  5. I miss DC so much some days. It’s my hometown and I spent my youth and young adult life struggling there along with you.

    I never knew you used to write for City Paper. I bet I’ve read something of yours and never knew it. Small world. :)

    Have a great time and here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to attend AEA 2011 in DC next year.

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