26 Aug 2010 3 pm eastern

HTML5 Pour Les Web Designers

Sacre bleu! The French edition of the ebook of HTML5 For Web Designers is in the Top 5 sellers on iTunes Français.

Sacrebleu! The French edition of the ebook of Monsieur Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 For Web Designers is in the top five sellers in the iTunes Store Français.

To answer your other questions: an eBook version in English is coming to books.alistapart.com next week, will soon thereafter also be sold via the iTunes Store, and will be followed by a PDF version. Get those downloading fingers in shape now!

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23 Responses to “HTML5 Pour Les Web Designers”

  1. Raphael Essoo-Snowdon said on

    What great news! I’m flying out to NY on the 2nd, so fingers crossed the eBook will see the light of day sooner next week rather than later.

  2. hand_coding said on

    Yep! Great news…
    By the way: You’re probably the only one to NOT put a direct link to the store.

  3. Petra said on

    Félicitation et BRAVO a tout le monde! …même si ça ne me surprends pas du tout ;-)

  4. Marc said on

    Bravo pour cette initiative!
    There is not that many titles explaining web design and standards available in French and this one is an essential.

    Big cheers for the translation :-)

  5. Adam said on

    Any deals on price for those who have the real book already ?

  6. Greg Smith said on

    As Pepe Le Pew would say… “Ooh la la”

  7. GP said on

    Yes, yes, yes, et encore yes! Gé-ni-al-e-ment sacrebleuesque!

  8. Jeremy Keith said on

    Zoot alors! Quelle surprise.

  9. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Any deals on price for those who have the real book already ?

    Absolutely. Watch your email in-box for a message from A Book Apart. Those who previously purchased the printed book will be able to buy the ePub (or PDF) for a special, low price.

  10. Davide said on

    A…and in Italian?

  11. Mamaduka said on

    Great news about eBook. But some part of Europe is also waiting other payment methods on A Book Apart (Visa, MasterCard) is there any good news about this?

  12. hans verhaegen said on

    Très bien! I have to teach HTML to a bunch of COBOLT programmers. They are french speaking. But I wonder should begin with HTML5 right away or should end with HTML5?

  13. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Begin with semantics. ;)

  14. hans verhaegen said on

    Yes, semantics is the best thing to begin with. If I understood well the whole purpose of the evolution towards HTMl5, then one could say that the version of HTML is not the most important thing anymore. The DOCTYPE is now simply ‘html’. Beginners should understand the power and importance of basic semantics first.
    Anyway, glad to have that French version just in time. I have another class in Dutch… ;)

  15. Michaël said on

    C’est une bonne nouvelle. Félicitations, Monsieur Keith ! :)

    I guess from the screenshot that this French version is edited by Eyrolles. Do they plan to sell a printed version too? I already own the English printed book but I know some people who might be interested by a paper version in French.

  16. Jeffrey Zeldman said on


    There is indeed a paper version of Eyerolles’ French translation of HTML5 For Web Designers.


  17. Charles Robert said on

    Good news! Hopefully my translation does it justice.
    @Michaël: The paper version will be available by the end of September, edited by Eyrolles indeed.

  18. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Davide asked:

    and in Italian?

    We are not currently in discussions with Italian publishers but we are certainly open to it.

  19. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Charles Robert, Thank you for your work! Here’s hoping we meet soon.

  20. Charles Robert said on

    My pleasure! I hope your upcoming releases fare just as well. By the way, what’s on the grill? Is it CSS3?

  21. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Charles: I need to be careful not to announce too much, but coming up next is Dan Cederholm’s CSS3 For Web Designers. We believe it will do for CSS3 what Jeremy’s book does for HTML5: demystify, clarify, entice, engage.

    Dan, of course, is the principal of Simplebits, the founder of Dribbble, and the author of Handcrafted CSS, Bulletproof Web Design, and Web Standards Solutions.

  22. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Mamaduka said:

    Great news about eBook. But some part of Europe is also waiting other payment methods on A Book Apart (Visa, MasterCard) is there any good news about this?

    While we are updating our shopping cart, the new version will still rely on PayPal.

    You can use PayPal simply as a (free) gateway to your credit card, you know.

    If this doesn’t work for you, I guess the good news is that you’ll be able to buy eBook versions of our stuff from the iTunes store using any payment method you like.

    Hope this helps! And thanks so much for your interest and support.

  23. Joshua Kelly said on

    Excellent news! I thoroughly enjoyed Keith’s book (my review) – and it’s great to hear that our French-language friends will be able to read it as well. Good luck on the next book!

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